Adam & Amy: How to Take a Stand with Your Brand and Not Lose Sales

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Personal beliefs vs business beliefs? Where do we draw a line between the two? Will we lose sales if they get to close?

In this episode, Change Creator cofounders Adam and Amy discuss how to put your values into your business & in your marketing without losing the right people who will buy from you! They talk about misconceptions about selling, why people really buy, and if heart-led business = heart-led sales actually works.

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Transcription of Interview

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Adam G. Force 00:03

Welcome to the Change Creator podcast where entrepreneurs come to learn how to live their truth, get rich and make a massive difference in the world. I’m your host Adam forest co founder, exchange creator and co creator of the captivate method. Each week we talk to experts about leadership, digital marketing and sales strategies that you can implement in your business and life to go big, visit us at Change Creator comm forward slash go big to grab awesome resources that will help drive your business forward. What’s up everybody? Welcome back to the Change Creator podcast show. This is your host, Adam force. So today we have some exciting stuff. We’re gonna actually be running a an episode we did on facebook live today was a series we went every live every day for a week and a series and this is one of those episodes. I just think it was really valuable and worth sharing. And it’s about taking a stand as your business and not losing sales. How do we do that we take a stand with our business. Really important part, especially today as the market is shifting. Now if you missed the last episode, it was with Lisa McLeod, and she’s doing incredible stuff, the title of the episode is how to start selling with noble purpose to drive more revenue. If you miss that one, definitely check it out, we get into some great talking points, and she shares some really valuable insights that I think you guys will appreciate. Now guys, we’re on Facebook a lot. So if you haven’t connected with us there, pop over to Facebook fine Change Creator, we updated our group name. So the group name is now be a Change Creator. So join us in the group, we’re talking about business taking a stand with their brand, making a difference and the things that we need to do especially in today’s marketplace. Alright guys, we’re gonna dive into this conversation and see what it’s okay, show me the heat. What’s up, everybody? We are back. It’s 12pm St. We’re going live every day this week. This is day three for what the hell is today? Thursday, I just cannot keep track of the time. And we had a moment of inspiration. And we have been talking about personal beliefs versus beliefs from our business, right? Are they two different worlds? And what inspired it was this interesting? I had I had a burning desire to put up a post today on my personal Facebook profile about what’s going on in America today. And is it really a dictator? Is it fascism? What’s happening? And so I threw it out there. And so yes, it exposes me for where my head is at. And it’s created quite a conversation on that thread. So rather than talking about sales, today, we are going to be talking about personal beliefs versus business beliefs. And how these two worlds mix. And should we be taking a stand with our business?

Amy Aitman 02:57

And just to reiterate… your personal Facebook page? Is your is your business page. You don’t have a separate account for your business. Adam g fourth, or Adam fourth. That’s it. Right?

Adam G. Force 03:09

Yeah. So we’re gonna get into all those little details. Before we dive into it, guys, if you do catch the replay of this video, put replay in the comments. And at any point, if you have questions on the topic, go ahead and fire those in the comments too, because we like to answer questions.

Amy Aitman 03:25

Yeah, we would love to catch your ideas on this discussion. Like this is so relevant today.

Adam G. Force 03:29

Yeah, so um, so exactly what I put in there was I don’t even remember exactly what I said. But I said something about what’s going on in Portland, and made a point to say, Hey, everybody, and I kind of put it as a question. Do we consider what’s happening today? Here it is. So I said, so let me get this straight. This administration has federal police attacking Americans with force to suppress opposition? How is this not a fascist dictatorship? What am I missing here? And since that point, just a few minutes, but an hour ago, we’ve got 42 comments on there, and everybody’s getting all worked up. So you have to wonder, you know, is it a good move to put your opinion out there like that as a business owner? Or is it a bad move? And so we kind of wanted to get into some of these conversations today. And guess what? We started Change Creator, right, Amy and the whole, the whole reason we started Change Creator was to take a stand against business without a soul businesses that are only profit first, they’re ripping down the rainforests, they’re creating more inequality. You know, they’re plastic polluting the ocean with no regard for people or planet. So yeah, we take a stand and put our beliefs into the business, right?

Amy Aitman 04:42

The current capitalist system, like we have, that’s what we’re taking a stand for here and the people that we highlighted on the magazine, on our blog, in our Facebook, like all of the great entrepreneurs, that’s what they’re doing. And a lot some of them are taking bolder stances. Some of them aren’t but like, I think Good question is, you know, should we talk about our personal values? Or just our company values?

Adam G. Force 05:05

Yeah. And the answer, honestly, from the, from our perspective here at Change Creator, and what we have seen as the evolution of business continues to unfold and how we’re interacting online and things are changing, your business has to have your values integrated into it, right? So you are kind of operating under those ethos. So there is no separate world for you as a person outside of your business versus the person who is operating your business. Your values are all one, right. And they’re threaded through the business. And we have seen this with people like Blake Mycoskie, and every entrepreneur on Change Creator magazine is taking a stand for something that they believe in. Amy, I think you had a really good example.

Amy Aitman 05:52

I think like, that’s a really good question too. Because I feel like people, if your business values are different from your personal values, I would ask you why, why are they and I hope to leave, like leave a comment if this is really you. We’re not saying that like that. This is bad thing. But I want to know why you feel like your personal values don’t align to your business values, because I feel like that is where we’re starting from. Right here. It’s like, we are saying that your personal values and company value should align. But I know that a lot of you were out there and said, are saying that I don’t see them fully aligning, or I feel one way personally in a non another way if my business so it’s really hard. And a lot of people have like they put these into two worlds. Yeah, I know. There’s so many people like I Blake Mycoskie that doesn’t do this. Or like Ben and Jerry’s, let’s say that’s a great example. They put their beliefs out there. So they put a bold post and I shared it in the Facebook group for Change Creator Facebook group. They put up really bold blacklivesmatter post out. And guess what? They’ve lost more customers. The completely did.

Adam G. Force 06:58

They probably gained more loyalists as well.

Amy Aitman 07:01


Adam G. Force 07:02

And so my question then Amy would be okay, so there are people who are like, well, these are my personal values. And then there’s people who are like, well, this is my business, and that’s operating this way, right? It’s different. Why are they afraid to inject personal values into their business? and expose that? I want to know what what is that belief that makes that a scary thing? Or gives them a reason to hold back? I mean, what do you think people are feeling with that?

Amy Aitman 07:29

Oh, I can tell you from experience, I felt this before. I have like a ton of people on my Facebook. And I’ve been in business for like over a decade, digital business base, I have lots of friends, and a lot of business associates on, I’d say left and right, if you want to go the political or all sorts of values. And I know in the early days, I didn’t even want clients on my Facebook page, because I was like, they’re gonna judge me on this, they’re gonna judge me on that they’re gonna fire me, I need to pay my bills. And that’s just like me as a small, you know, digital entrepreneur working on my agency, I was like, does it really matter if we believe the same things for them to be support for my business. And as I’ve grown as an entrepreneur, and I was like, obviously, being part of Change Creator, I really had to let that fear go and say, you know, I have a voice. And this business is so different. I can understand people with profit, first business models, really separating themselves, but we’re not talking to you, we are talking to the people who want to have to use their business for change. So that’s you’re going to have to put yourself out there business is changing right now, do I think people don’t want to buy from companies that are that they don’t know where they stand?

Adam G. Force 08:46

Or they don’t know? Exactly, no, it’s true. It’s true. I mean, more buyers today, everyone’s always like, well, you got to know the width of them, right? What’s in it for them as a buyer? And that has also shifted to say, well, they want to know what’s in it for me, what’s in it for you as the seller, but why are you doing this? What are you getting out of this? And so this is becoming more important. I know, there is an old school line of thought around this, you’ll hear it’s kind of like that boomer generation thought process where it’s like, Oh, I hate it when a man who or a woman who has this big business meaning they have lots of people following them paying attention or media coverage, they put they inject their political opinion or personal opinion about a civil rights matter or something like that. And they put that out there and they use that platform. And today, it’s almost more in line with saying I can’t believe you’re not sharing your opinion not taking a stance so I know there is like deep rooted feelings around them. Generations where it used to be like, you can’t do that. That’s wrong.

Amy Aitman 09:50

What gives you the right I hear that a lot people I mean, even celebrities get blasted for that. Well, we’ll give you the right to take a stand what gives you a right to tell me your personal values. You know, that that’s that’s very true.

Adam G. Force 10:04

And I sit there because that you see this happens a lot. I even know within my family, like if an artist, like a musician would say something on stage, they did Oh, my god and everyone gets mad, like, how could you use that platform to do that? And I think these, these things are shifting because today, the things we do, like if I’m a musician, or I run a business, they are not separate from who we are as people. They’re not separate, they should be integrated. That’s what makes us wake up. We live happy, we live accordingly. Right? We want to live to our truth, right? And so if you’re trying to separate these two worlds, you’re being fake, like you have your business. It just doesn’t work that way. So now I think that it is it’s instrumental because your business is based on who you are. That means yes, your values and your your your comments around these things would be important. Like, what about Rachel? That was a great example.

Amy Aitman 11:01

Yeah. And I will tell you one thing to silence is an opinion. Silence is it says a lot

Adam G. Force 11:07

It’s an action.

Amy Aitman 11:09

Things are happening. We we are, I mean, the world is literally on fire right now in so many ways. And if we’re silent about things, that, that says something about our values, just as much as if we put our values out there. So Rachel Rogers is a great example. And I didn’t even know who Rachel’s Rogers was, yet. She’s in the same space as I am. And I discovered her because she was sharing, she’s just gone on Facebook one day, Black Lives Matter. No bra didn’t fix her hair, draw a total raw, emotional talking about calling people like me out calling people like liberals out on that they were silent that they weren’t holding space for Black Lives Matter. And it shook me to the core. Because I was like, Am I doing enough? And I like I texted Adam, like, share, I share this on my Facebook fade out and I was like this woman had like, it’s saying something. And she’s so real. And she’s putting it out there. But because of that post, and because of her really taking a stand against Murray folio and her group and not giving Black Lives Matter, you know, a voice. I started following her business. And she had she’s a killer entrepreneur. She’s an amazing business. And I just like, kept resonating with every narrative, every narrative, I bought one of her products right away, like literally the next day, I become more aware as for her, and she called me out of my shit. how uncomfortable is that? Like, that’s an uncomfortable feeling. She was taking a stand. And I was like, you know, it’s nice for us to feel good about ourselves. But it was really, it was really genuine. And she was super authentic. Like everything about that video was screened authenticity. Yeah, it wasn’t a plan media stone, I can tell you that right now.

Adam G. Force 12:56

Well, and there was even further for that. I mean, just threaded throughout the business. She has commentary around her beliefs and you know, saying things like, if you believe that all if you’re saying things like all lives matter, you know, the same place for you. Lying in the sand. And here’s the thing. Let’s talk a little bit about that. Like, let’s say you put yourself out there, what happens to your business? What happens to sales? Well, no matter what, when you’re out there, you never if everybody’s agreeing with you, then you’re not saying anything. Okay? If you get people who take a hard stance with you, and then people would take a hard stance against you. Now you’re saying something. Now you’ve got people who are on one side or another or whatever it might be, you just can’t appeal to everyone. So if you are appealing to everyone, that means you’re you’re just kind of like this diluded…. That doesn’t resonate

Amy Aitman 13:48

with anybody, but you’re wishy washy. You’re if you’re silent, you’re going to be wishy washy. And Rachel Rogers had her best month. She had a million dollar month. Yeah. And this is there’s no coincidence that she’s putting her cell phone more boldly. She’s getting herself and she had an entire business that already did this. So people when she came, it wasn’t like, Oh, I I might know what you stand for. No, she had a million dollar month because of this.

Adam G. Force 14:12

Yeah, but I want to, I want to expand on the point that when she was willing to put herself out there when any entrepreneur really does that, and then you read through their business and their copy and everything is continuing to take a hard stance on things that she believes the person that reads it that agrees with those things, is becoming a super duper resonate cafe. They want to be part of this community because it’s there, you’re speaking their beliefs already. Right? Whereas if you have a different worldview, and what we teach in the Catholic method is you’re never going to change someone’s worldview. There’s people are going to go through it and they’re gonna say this is not for me, and yeah, Rachel’s okay with that, because she doesn’t want those people. She’s building a community of people around these beliefs that are looking to do business. That does certain things. So, I mean, you want to if you want to attract the right people, taking these bold stances, you’re going to get the people that love what you’re saying. And now you should have people that hate what you’re saying, to be disrespectful or mean about anything. You respect the opinions of people, but you shouldn’t be ashamed or shy about sharing your own.

Amy Aitman 15:21

No, all right, and that’s your business values. I mean, like, I’d say, all of our entrepreneurs that come to us, they started their business because it aligned to their values, and they want to have a life that they come into. And so you’re right, they have to weed that narrative and those beliefs throughout everything throughout their website, through their, in their Facebook, their personal because that’s when that’s where the authenticity comes in as well. And you are going to alienate people. Of course you are, if you’re taking a stand, I mean, there is still people out there that don’t believe in climate change.

Adam G. Force 15:51

So the earth is round.

Amy Aitman 15:54

Yeah, I mean, like, really like, there. I’m sure there’s an audience for them, too. But I’m saying that if your business is helping save the oceans, there are people out there that don’t believe the oceans need to be saved in any shape, way or form. And they think that this is an exaggeration, you’re not speaking to them. I mean, it sounds so obvious, but it’s like, it’s like having a vegan restaurant and hoping that, you know, carnivores come to eat at your restaurant. And I don’t want to like, I don’t want to talk about animal rights as a vegan restaurant, because you know, why not? And we can see that so clearly with these easy, simple examples. But yeah, that’s how people feel.

Adam G. Force 16:32

I like those examples where you can get up there, okay, I swear to God, it’s flat. And all around the big ice walls. I mean, you have people out there doing this. And yeah, you’re gonna find a bunch of other people that align to that no matter how radical and ridiculous it might be. They’re out there. They have loyalists, loyalists that believe these things. So I mean, it’s

Amy Aitman 16:57

Talk about building a community of people. I mean, our honoree, Renee Taylor, like she put out, she puts out her story, she puts she puts out her opinions, ideas, she is a radical activist, and her entire business is about body activism. The body is not an apology, and she takes that to to for everything. And I mean, I love We love I love meeting her loved interviewing her. I think she’s an amazing person, I still follow her. She’s not afraid. And she built up just on that just putting out those ideas and her millions and millions and millions of followers. And guess what she gets a lot of hate to. She gets a lot of people that are like, why are you on it? But like, like, yeah, there’s always winners. There’s always haters

Adam G. Force 17:43

Even if you’re not saying anything that’s bold and taking a stand there’s haters, you know, people make fun of my beard my you know, not having… there’s always haters guys.

Amy Aitman 17:54

To put yourself out there as a CEO, as a business, there’s gonna be people that don’t like you.

Adam G. Force 17:59

Absolutely. And you know what it is to people. Everyone has their own opinions and other times they hate because they’re jealous. They see you out there taking action doing things you’re making your voice heard, you’re getting out there, and they’re not they wish they were they wish they had the courage right. So they’re gonna hate on you for doing it because misery loves company, right?

Amy Aitman 18:18

But your people and the people that are actually going to buy from you and support you believe in your mission and support your mission, are going to want to see you put yourself out there, they’re going to be there for you. They’re going to they’re they don’t want to see silence. People don’t want to hear silence anymore. I mean, I think the one of the biggest shifts in the last decade has been the social media world that we have that were given this gift. I know back in when I was in university, I may be dating myself a little bit. Facebook had just started when I was finishing University, like all this social media stuff did not exist, we did not have accessibility, it was like if you want to see somebody using opinions, see them on TV, or like local news or TV now anyone can have a voice and everyone should have a voice in their business. It’s actually a huge gift. This is something that I like I’ve wanted to have a voice I wanted to tell stories. For decades, I wanted to do this. And now we can go on air like on Facebook Live, we can start a business that really aligns to our values.I don’t think this was even possible to do it in the way and to have the impact that we have 20 years ago. I don’t think it was.

Adam G. Force 19:24

Well and think about it he was when you’re doing building a following like let’s say on Facebook, everybody wants to know how to build a following on Facebook. One of the primary first steps is to create content that is already saying what’s in someone’s mind meaning their belief. Yeah, when you’re a kid, what do you have on your walls, everything that reflects who you are posters, all those things, they’re just a reflection of what you believe and what you like. So if you’re speaking to that, at a high level, the the followers you bring on to your business and people who love your business are gonna be people that usually are aligned with like things that you like and things that you believe in, and so To, to push those even harder at different levels is only going to create stronger bonds and bigger crowds of people that align to that as well. Because the ones that don’t, you’re not going to change their mind. So it doesn’t really matter, you might as well filter them out in a very good way, like a strong way.

Amy Aitman 20:19

To them out right away, because honestly, it costs you money, especially start getting into like the paid or even organic, it’s going to cost you money to keep them on to keep to keep reaching out to them. If we just talk bottom line here, bottom line, it’s more, it’s more cost effective, it’s better to actually weed people out in the beginning, whether that’s from your the way you need, or from the things that you share, or the take a stand stories that you share. All of those things help grow your business.

Adam G. Force 20:50

Yeah, so as far as it can go, we’ll tie this into sales, because as far as that goes, nine times out of 10 today, especially the younger generations, they they want to know not only what’s in it for them, but they want to know what’s in it for you. What do you stand for? Who am I getting behind, right as support while you just said to right, Adam, but you don’t even need, you know, I love the data. I’m a data nerd, sometimes when it comes to these things. But at the end of the day, the market will tell you, you just go out and you put up some look at the post I did, I created an entire conversation, which is great. You know, and I don’t mind people knowing where my head is at. Because if you’re if you’re thinking that what’s going on is a great thing, then we’re not going to work well together anyway, right? It doesn’t matter to me, I will always be respectful. And I try to always have a logical sound, you know, talking point around these things, you’re not just making up conspiracy theories and things like that. So I think at the end, you’re having those values injected into the business, that is the way to do business today, your business should be part of who you are. And if you’re taking a stand for something that’s meaningful, that goes through your business, your business is that tool to do those things right

Amy Aitman 22:06

And we’re talking about values here. We’re not necessarily talking about politics, right? Like your values, this goes so much deeper. It’s like human rights. It’s animal rights. It’s it’s the environment, like it’s all of these big beliefs and big values that we’ve created. It’s not just about politics. Politics is like an interpretation of values, I feel. And there’s a lot of layers to that. But I feel like if this is if we’re talking about putting your yourself and your values into your business, so like what we started talking about if your business values don’t align to your personal values, why, like, you know, why don’t they?

Adam G. Force 22:44

People are afraid, people are afraid that goes back to those old sentiments from boomer generation. I feel like that boomer generation.

Amy Aitman 22:55

I mean, yeah, I feel like nowadays with, like I said, with such accessibility, because of digital media. And because of this, yeah, I don’t think there’s room for us to like, be silent or to hide, to hide what we do. And for us, heartlight entrepreneurs that we this is what we do. This is all that we do. You could do any other kind of business to if we was just about like doing marketing and making both like making sales, right, we could be in doing other things, but I think why we….

Adam G. Force 23:25

We could do marketing or many different things but we created Change Creator because we’re taking a freakin stand against business without a soul. We are trying to change that narrative, and then empower entrepreneurs that are actually doing things the right way. You know, I read through Rachel’s sales page website and all those things when all the commotion was going on that, you know, Rachel, the person we were talking about earlier. And I as I read it, I slowly was like, Oh, my God, I want to be part of this. I want to be part of this. This is a great little group of people. Like I like what she’s, and that’s because she was speaking to me and my beliefs. But if I was on the other side of the belief system, I would have been like, Ah, this isn’t for me. I’m out of here. That’s fine, too, right?

Amy Aitman 24:04

Yeah, no, I loved it. I mean, someone on our team actually did join her club. Yeah, they totally did. I mean, she was pretty amazing. She is such a badass, and I loved it. And you put yourself out there. And I watched her that video several times since then, and learning a lot from her. Let’s just say like, I know, this is what we believe what we teach in our program. But when you’re seeing people do it so well, and just getting themselves out there. It’s really, really inspiring. Yeah, that’s the kind of entrepreneur that I want to be to. I don’t want to be someone that, you know, hides away or is afraid to say what I say or silence like, I think today 2020 if you’re silent, that says a lot as well, that says a lot about you.

Adam G. Force 24:49

It does just say alot. You can’t just sit there and hope that everything works itself out. You know, and then people wonder like why they get into these really bad situations. And why certain things are going on in the world. We all play a part and part of it. I know people feel like insignificant in some sense. Like, if I do this, that’s it just doesn’t make an impact on the picture, right? The big picture. But that big picture perspective is so important. Yes, everything that we all do all matters, because I don’t want to go at all like Neil deGrasse Tyson, like, we’re all connected here, guys. I mean, that’s just the way I am typically, you know, proven all that stuff, you know, whether it’s biologically chemically, all those types of things, but like, the things we do matter, they plant seeds, the ideas move forward, they get into other people’s minds, like, think about all the information in the media that is, we just say, Okay, here’s this clip, right, and they share just a piece of a statement, so you don’t get the full context. Yeah. And that goes down that goes, everything that inspire, think about the compounding effect that has, think about the effect it has, when you do one good deed, someone else sees it, you inspire them, they do a good deed. And all of a sudden, there’s a compounding effect, like, you know, if it takes one person, up know, two people to create that movement, right? You ever see that video, those people dancing, the guy who the music’s going, he’s dancing all by himself, and then one more person followed only because he took a stand, he got up, started dancing by himself. And only because of that one other person got inspired, followed him. And then after that second person, everybody came

Amy Aitman 26:31

That’s what Dr. Yunus, Muhammad Yunus said, start with two people. And that’s what like, if you think about having that you want to have that big impact? Start with two people, guess what you are helping people with your business

Adam G. Force 26:45


Amy Aitman 26:46

You can help two people, you can start a movement.

Adam G. Force 26:49

So for those of you that don’t know, we interviewed, he’s a Nobel Peace Prize winner. We interviewed Dr. Muhammad Yunus, which is a very special interview, you could find it on our website, if you want to listen to it, pretty compelling stuff. And what Amy said, that was a great point. I’m glad you remember that. Because he was like, Adam, when you start a social business, you want to do something different work, just help two people. And if you can help them, then all you got to do is start repeating that process. But it starts from there. And it starts growing. And I was like, ah, he made it sound so much easier, is it? It’s a lot less overwhelming, right? Oh, yeah, got it that way.

Amy Aitman 27:22

And the big picture in mind, like you want to start a movement, you want to start a change. But you can’t start any change unless you help two people.

Adam G. Force 27:31

But you can’t start a movement without storytelling. So you guys, this is why at Change Creator, when we take a stand, and we want to change the world want to change how business is done. We have now focused on storytelling, because this is the biggest missing ingredient for entrepreneurs who are taking a stand with their business, and they want to make a difference. And you can only do that if you get people on board with what you’re doing. All social progress in history was created with storytelling, all progresses due to storytelling, Master storytelling, and that’s what method Amy, I think it would be a great day to leave the storytelling roadmap just to give her guys we will put our free storytelling roadmap. It’s just a little brain dump about some storytelling insights and strategies. And then there is a link, if you want to take it further to our master class, you can check that out. So it’s free, check it out and enjoy it. And we’ll put a link in the description when we’re done here.

Amy Aitman 28:25

Sounds great. Yeah, there’s some mistakes too, about storytime mistakes. That’s really good.

Adam G. Force 28:30

Yeah. Yeah, it’s a good first step for everybody. Definitely. All right, are we ready to wrap this up? I think we are way over what we usually do, but we can go

Amy Aitman 28:39

We don’t really have a time limit on these. Now we can only be talking, we keep talking. Yeah. Really.

Adam G. Force 28:47

Since we’re talking on Skype all day, we should just sit on here and just do a live. Alright guys, listen, I hope this was a little bit inspiring. I hope it kind of like got you fired up to get out there. Take a stand. You know what we teach in the cafeteria method. One of our stories is the take a stand story. So we teach how to craft that. How to think about it. What is it all about when used to take a stand story? Right, like Timing is everything. You got to have the right timing and you got to get to the right people. But taking a stand is an important story that we share. And you guys can learn more about that. And in the program. Yeah, stuff. Okay. Awesome. Let’s wrap it up. Okay. Later,

Amy Aitman 29:31

See you tomorrow, tomorrow’s our last day. But if you have a burning question. And if you want to get in on these discussions, like literally leave a comment on on here or join us tomorrow and ask your question and get it answered live. Like that’s what we’re here for. We’re putting ourselves out there. We’re taking Stan we’re putting ourselves out there. We want to help you guys. And so yeah, tomorrow’s our last day of this little series. Yeah. I think we’re gonna keep coming on Facebook Live more.

Adam G. Force 29:58

Yeah, we’ll have some different series topics and stuff down tomorrow 12pm PST and we’re gonna have a special offer to connect with you guys tomorrow as well.

Amy Aitman 30:06

Yeah. Okay, see you tomorrow. Bye.

Adam G. Force 30:10

Thanks for tuning in to the Change Creator podcast visit us at Change forward slash go big to get access to free downloads and other great resources that will drive your business forward.

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