Why Nature is Essential for Good Business

There are numerous articles, blogs, and gurus that claim to have the secret to business success. It can, therefore, be difficult to believe that it could be as simple as, “nature.”

It comes down to the general well-being of individual entrepreneurs that can be enhanced and improved by nature and all of its wonders. These benefits are what generate the incredible results felt by those business leaders that take time to experience the world around them.

Not only has there been a range of studies that have shown the mental benefits to having a deeper connection with the natural world, but also there are business lessons to be absorbed through observing our surrounding environment.

Nature is:

  • Serene and humble yet powerful,
  • An elegant battleground of the survival of the fittest,
  • A display of the constant need for purpose in every action.

Here we will focus on why we need nature in our lives and how that can be easily achieved in a professional environment.


The Necessity of Nature

The Body

The benefits of nature on your overall health seem to be endless, but essentially it comes down to reducing stress.

Nature is immediately relaxing to us as it is filled with colors, sights and smells that human beings are programmed to find soothing. Any advertising expert knows that colors have various effects and the blues and greens of the world are naturally beneficial to our stress levels.

With reduced stress comes a whole range of health benefits including lower heart rates, reduced anxiety, and a heightened immunity.


Closely related to the benefits of the body, the natural world has been shown to greatly improve mental wellbeing. The entrepreneur with a sharp and tranquil mind is the one that will always do best in more stressful situations.


You don’t necessarily have to believe in a traditional soul to be able to see the benefits of nature on the more spiritual side of an individual.

It can be described as a: oneness, a deeper understanding, and an inner peace.

While these concepts are related to the mind, they represent so much more than day-to-day thoughts.

For those who want to succeed in business over an extended period of time, it is crucial to managing the “soul”. Many of our included methods will assist you in achieving this on a regular basis.


Including the Great Outdoors in Your Daily Routine

Look out the window

Many individuals, when they first hear this method, think that it is too basic. That is, until they try it out. You will be amazed at how many details you have missed when you really take the time to look at what you should have been seeing every day. This not only gives you a dose of nature as quickly as possible but also trains the mind to notice more and reap the benefits.

Transform your office into a shrine to nature

Whether you hang panoramic views on your walls or include plants and stones in the decor, every little bit helps. This effect can even be achieved with the use of roughly-carved wooden desks.

Nature is more than just trees

Being outside gives you more than just contact with nature. Sunshine plays a huge part in our mood and productivity. If you are not lucky enough to have an office with sunlight from dawn till dusk then there are a range of products that provide great alternatives.

Go for a walk!

Explore your city, find local parks and make sure you spend some time each day around nature. It seems simple but it is often the most neglected method of getting in touch with nature and one that can be put into practice every lunch break.

The comfort of your home

As every entrepreneur knows, work doesn’t stay at the office. Connect with nature at home through watching documentaries and reading National Geographic all from the comfort of your couch. Even an action as simple as this has been shown to have a range of positive effects on the mind and body.

Redesign corporate events

Forget the usual corporate venues and take the entire office outside, think: zoos and national parks.

Outdoor SportsYou don’t need to go on a two-week-long vacation, make what you do after work and on the weekend part of your experience of nature. You can choose to battle it through adventure sports or observe it through bird watching.

Into The Wild Hiking vacations, canoeing trips, jungle adventures – at least once a year spend as long as time and money allows exploring nature.

Animals Whether this is achieved by owning pets or visiting exotic animals in a zoo or safari, up close encounters can give you a quick dive into the more remarkable aspects of nature.

Meditation and Yoga – One of the most interesting ways to connect with nature is through the oneness of yourself. Meditation is an ancient technique for getting in touch with your surroundings. The more amongst nature you can be when meditating the better.

No Such Thing As Anti-Work

Often entrepreneurs hold the view that time spent away from the desk is time wasted, but this is certainly not the case. There is a value in any activity if it generates a better mentality towards business and places you in a more productive state.

Your wellbeing makes all the difference to your company. The experiences you have will add new direction and your happiness will positively affect the morale of the entire company.

Nature is the key to achieving this and gaining the rewards that accompany it.

This article was originally published in issue 3 of Change Creator Magazine by Cameron Devall.

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