Adam G. Force: One Thing Every Entrepreneur Needs to Break Through – Discipline

Adam sheds light on importance of discipline

“It doesn’t matter whether you are pursuing success in business, sports, arts, or life in general. The bridge between accomplishing and wishing is discipline.”
– Harvey Mackay

Successful entrepreneurs like Elon Musk, Bill Gates, Steve Jobs didn’t achieve overnight success. And they surely didn’t luck out. 

If you’re wondering why some entrepreneurs are successful and others are not, you need to tune in to this podcast episode. 

In this episode, Change Creator Founder, Adam G. Force, talks about his experience with discipline and how it held him back for years, and what it took to breakthrough. 

More About Adam

As a father and entrepreneur with 20 years of professional business experience, Adam is an expert in branding, storytelling, and online sales. 

After working 10 years at WebMD as Director of Strategic Marketing Adam started his second business, Change Creator, supporting social entrepreneurs with premium branding & high-converting websites, the Change Creator Podcast with 230+ expert interviews, and 30+ editions of Change Creator Magazine reaching over 140+ countries including exclusive interviews from the most impactful entrepreneurs on the planet such as Seth Godin, Arianna Huffington, and Richard Branson.

Throughout This Episode, Adam Explains:

  • Why is discipline a critical aspect in any entrepreneur’s journey?
  • Adam shares his experience with David Goggins’ book “Can’t Hurt Me” book.
  • How important it is to keep doing things that you hate to do to achieve success?
  • Living the life that we actually truly want to live and the life that we’re willing to put up with boils down to discipline. 
  • Adam recommends James Clear’s book “Atomic Habits.”
    • Difference between non-disciplined and disciplined people. 
    • How important it is to start slow and go big – but at the same time be disciplined and consistent?
  • Adam’s non-negotiable part of his daily habit – helps him focus on things that actually matter.
  • How have disciplined systems and methodologies led Adam to help his clients achieve the desired results?


Whether you want to achieve success in your personal or professional life – just about any area, discipline is of utmost importance. And we can’t stress this enough.

So – if you have been struggling to get your business up and running or to new heights, maybe you lack discipline. And if that’s the case, we strongly advice you to tune in to the podcast episode.

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Episode Transcript (unedited, will likely have typos):

Adam G. Force  0:00  

How do social entrepreneurs and small businesses create an authentic brand people love so they can get the edge they need to stand out, create Predictable Revenue and compete against the big guys. That’s what we’re here to discuss. I’m Adam forest, the founder of change creator, and this is the authentic brand mastery podcast.

What’s going on everybody, welcome back to the authentic brand mastery podcast brought to you by change creator. This is your host force. So you know, the last episode we talked with Wesley Matthews, kind of talked about some of the stuff he’s doing with his company, and you know, they’re doing a good amount of money each year. So it’s always interesting to hear what’s working for people and some of the ideas they have on market trends and things like that. So lots of marketing inputs, whether it’s from SEO or other website optimizations that we went through, to help develop your brand. So, you know, for those that have been listening, you know, we’ve been, you’ll know that we’ve been focused on supporting some e commerce brands. So it’s been an interesting process, kind of building out these sales funnels, call them sales systems. And really, you know, bringing in just, we’re getting 95% conversion rates, which is what kind of spiked our interest to lean into the E commerce space, because we’re doing branding and marketing. And that was really, we want to continue to see how that played out for different brands. So right now our E commerce roster is full, however, we do have, we’re gonna open up two spots for coaches and service businesses. So if you’re looking to kind of elevate your brand, I refresh, rebrand, reshape the brand, make it look more polished, and set yourself up to get a lot of new leads, right? We focus on automation and things like that, too. So if you want to have a conversation about how, like what that might look like for you, and if you’re the right fit, stop by change, go to services, and just book a call, and I’ll talk with you. Today, I’m going to do a quick conversation, it’s gonna be a shorter podcast, I’m going to talk about discipline, and what that means to your business when you’re building your brand. Okay, this is really important. And I’ve had a lot of good feedback on these talking points. So I wanted to share it here today. Let’s do it. Okay, show me the heat. No, you go. Hey, what’s up Adam, here, founder at change creator, and I want to talk to you about something that is a sticking point for pretty much anybody whether you’re an entrepreneur or not, right. And that thing is discipline. One day, I looked in the mirror, and I finally admitted that I didn’t have the discipline that I needed, right to reach the next stage of my journey as an entrepreneur. And that was a really tough truth to actually face. And it’s something that I hid for a long time. Now, I wrestled for 10 years in my life all year round. And I actually competed at the national level representing Team New Jersey. That’s where I was raised. And I learned what it takes to break through to new stages of life. Right? That was part of that process. But years ago, I somehow got soft, I guess. And I needed to change that. Right. So I picked up a book by a guy you might have heard of David Goggins, and the book is called, can’t hurt me. Now, he said, quote, If you have any mental toughness, any fraction of self discipline, the ability to not want to do it, but still do it, if you can get through to doing things that you hate to do on the other side, is actually greatness. So let that sink in. The ability to do what you need to do, even when you don’t feel like doing it. That’s huge. The emotional mind is really powerful. And it’s the biological side of us that makes us feel right. So for example, it’s five o’clock in the morning, the alarm goes off, you have to get some things done, but you no longer feel like getting up in the morning, right? But the day before you decided it had to be done because you needed that extra time in the day. It’s perfect, logical sense. But emotions can easily break logic when we don’t have discipline. And that’s that mental toughness that David Goggins was talking about. So the difference between living the life that we actually truly want to live and the life that we’re willing to put up with, can easily boil down to discipline. These are hard truths. Are there other factors, of course. But without discipline, you got nothing.

Here’s a quote that I thought was interesting. James clear, wrote a book called atomic habits. And it’s a great read. If you haven’t read it yet, I highly recommend it. Quote, when scientists analyze people who appear to have tremendous self control, it turns out that those individuals aren’t all that different from those who are struggling instead, disciplined people are better at structuring their lives in a way that does not require heroic willpower and self control. So in other words, they spend less time in tempting situations, professionals stick to the schedule, and amateurs let life get in the way. Right. So we making decisions about how we want our life to be. Now he talks about habits and how to start with the least amount of friction. This is a really important point. And that is so that you can create new flows in your life and not bail out on them because it’s too much. So starting small, one pushup a day, two pushups a day, just as an example, right, we don’t have to say I’m going to do 100 a day out of the gate, we got to make it possible and just get into the routine first, right? So a simple example that I have in you know, from the business world as a daily planner, and I share this with entrepreneurs that I work with in our brand accelerator and stuff like that. So I made this for myself, for two reasons I share and I share it, because it has had a huge shift in my own life results, right? So for example, one, there’s too many more, there were too many mornings, where I would sit down at like five o’clock in the morning with my coffee, and I start working. And I would either feel like I wasn’t sure what I wanted to work on and just started picking away at things. Oh, yeah, to do this got to do this got my to do list. You know, or I just hammered away stuff that I thought was needed. Very important that I thought was needed, right. But at the end of the day, I crossed off everything on my to do list. And I felt like I got a lot done, right. But when I looked back at the end of the month, I would realize that all the tasks I did didn’t really add up to real progress. I did a bunch of shit and painfully learned what not to do. So the second thing is that it’s a simple one page document, right? Make it easy, less friction, right? Just like James clear talks about. And you can use it every morning. So I needed something I can actually do daily and not toss it away because it became too cumbersome. And this is what I call a non negotiable part of my daily habit. It forces me to work on things that actually matter, meaning they’re on the critical path. Right. So since using this, my business revenue as monthly revenue has quadrupled. And if you just sit down and start working, you can either feel lost or unsure. Or you just do things that you like, but you don’t but don’t really matter to the critical path of your business. And that’s what we want to avoid. Right? Because we’re wasting time and energy and money. I know for a fact that some of you who are hearing this right now will say Well, not me, Adam, I always know exactly what I need to do. Trust me, I said that too. It doesn’t work. Not if you’re going to build a real business. These are fundamentals that we have to really kind of pin down, right. And the reality is that success in business life, it’s all pragmatic as a formula, right? It’s a pragmatic formula, based on what I like to call universal laws. This is not theory or philosophy. It’s like I always use math as an example, right? It’s like two plus two always equals four. It’s a mathematical law. So when you do things a certain way in your life, you will get certain results. The timeline might be different for everybody. We all have to overcome different challenges. But discipline is a very important part of the equation to actually get the results and make everything work.

Now this is how we get all of our clients results today to we’re always And it never stops. We’re always improving and working on methodologies, how do we make things more systematic? How do we make them more repeatable? What are the disciplined actions we need to take? Right? That’s how we elevate our brands today, and start converting traffic and to customers. We can’t panic and get emotional. And when we have these systems, and we have disciplined processes and methodologies, we don’t panic and get emotional, because we’re going through a process that we know has been proven. So this makes all the difference. So don’t justify your emotional responses with the stories in your mind. I want to say that one more time, don’t justify your emotional responses, with stories that you’re telling yourself in your mind. Alright, nothing can ever improve in your life. If you are not willing to be brutally honest about where you are now, and why. And that is huge. And that’s where all this started for me several years ago is the ability to finally sit there look in the mirror and be brutally honest about what was actually causing me the biggest problems so if you can be brutally honest about where you are now, and get really clear where why you could start overcoming that challenge. So hopefully this this inspires you to really think about discipline, study discipline, understand the power of it, and start building it into your life and you’re gonna see a difference in your business thanks for tuning in to the authentic brand mastery podcast. Don’t forget to stop by change creator calm for more information, fresh articles, content, and our services if you’re looking to build a brand that people love, and please stop by iTunes, leave us a five star review. We appreciate your support.

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