Uncover 5 Powerful Marketing Lessons from Lucky Iron Fish Founder Gavin Armstrong


“I am a strong believer that businesses have the power to solve some of the world’s most daunting challenges, and the Lucky Iron Fish embodies this with our commitment to improving global health in a socially responsible way.” ~Gavin Armstrong, Founder and CEO

Gavin Armstrong is now a Ph.D. and successful social entrepreneur. In this interview, he talks about how they built the business, connected with the initial market, and came up with the designs for specific cultures.

Iron deficiency impacts half the world, about 3.5 billion people now.

Your body needs iron to function. Iron is an essential nutrient that helps your vital organs get the oxygen they need. Signs of iron deficiency include pale skin, general fatigue, shortness of breath, dizziness, brittle nails and hair, and difficulty concentrating at work or school. This preventable nutritional deficiency can lead to anemia.

One Lucky Iron Fish can provide you with up to 90% of your recommended daily intake of iron. It’s safe for the whole family to use, and is reusable for up to 5 years. Simply boil the Fish in any liquid or broth-based meals to enrich your food and drinking water with iron.

“For every fish we sell, we will donate a fish for free” ~Gavin Armstrong

This is the BBC article that boosted their sales to 100 per hour.

Overnight, we went from selling 100 a month to 100 per hour” ~Gavin Amrstrong

It’s a simple, affordable, and effective solution anyone can use.

Get issue 6 of Change Creator Magazine and take a deep dive into the world of Lucky Iron Fish as we outline key marketing lessons with supporting images. 




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