How To Build Smart Tech That Increases Sustainable Purchasing (interview)

Interview with Green Story co-founder, Akhil Sivanandan.

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What Green Story is doing is something most aspiring entrepreneurs dream of as a solution but are not sure how to execute such a big idea. He leaned into his experience and passion to answer a key question – How do we tip the scale from an unsustainable economy to a green economy?

In this interview, we talk about the steps they took to build their technology and how it all works. Their experience of ups and downs offers great lessons for all entrepreneurs in the social impact space.

Akhil and his co-founder Navodit envisioned creating a level playing field for companies with green and social products. They would demonstrate the long-term value of these sustainable products by connecting people with the positive impact of their purchase.

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By demonstrating, through sound research and data-driven visuals, the long-term value of green products, companies would finally be able to compete with conventional products in the short term.

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Green Story’s embeddable calculators and shareable graphics are flexible marketing tools that translate the tangible data of LCI reports into digestible, engaging digital content. The creation of a customized and repeatable asset suite blends seamlessly into a client’s digital sales funnel and helps their customers identify, trust and ultimately buy sustainable products.

Akhil focuses on business development and marketing at Green Story. With over 8 years experience in the field, Akhil is a recognized expert in sustainability and renewable energy with a particular focus on market analysis.

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Visit Green Story here to find out how they are helping brands like Brave Soles, Tamga Designs, and Ungalli.

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