Interview with Michael Berean: Getting Started and Breaking Through Market Saturation

Exclusive interview with the founder of Grace Innovation, Michael Berean.

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In this interview we talk with the CEO of Grace Innvoation, Michael Berean, to learn how he started his business and what it takes today to get noticed in a saturated market.

At Grace Innovation they help serious business leaders stay ahead of marketing trends and shape your narrative for solid delivery.

Michael believes everyone has a well of infinite creativity inside them. With over 15 plus years in the field of digital marketing, branding, and design, he learned that developing solid relationships, creating unique experiences, and giving people more than they expect can make all the difference.

He founded Grace Innovation in 2013, a company that focuses on creative, content, design, and social media. He also founded Puzel in 2016, a SaaS company that focuses on audience gamification.

In this interview we touch on topics like

  • Why he started Grace Innovation
  • How he got his first clients
  • Marketing tips
  • How to get noticed in a saturated market
  • Why you should give back more
  • Should you try scheduling meetups?
  • How to not miss what’s happening right now
  • Video

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