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Interview with Kathleen Janus: Secrets to Scaling Your Social Venture to Over $2 Million

Exclusive interview with award winning social entrepreneur and author, Kathleen K. Janus. Subscribe to this show on  iTunes  |  Stitcher  |  Soundcloud In this exciting interview we talk about scaling your social venture over $2 million with Kathleen Kelly Janus who is an award-winning social entrepreneur, lawyer, and lecturer at Stanford University, where she teaches social entrepreneurship. She is also a cofounder of Spark, and is Chair of the Board of Directors of Accountability Counsel, a startup human rights organization. In 2004, she and six friends cofounded Spark, a nonprofit that engages Millennials in new forms of philanthropy to support gender...

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How Can You Leverage Your Data Now for Better Growth and Impact?

Even as a small business, you certainly have aspirations to expand and it might be a good idea to leverage your existing (and growing) data as well. You probably already have a sizeable dataset and the key question is to what extent are you taking advantage of it or not at all – yet. As a Change Creator, you most likely want to be cautious about your time and resources – what activities you invest in, spend your time on and what offers the best ROI (return on investment). We are going to have a look at a few...

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Russell Brunson: How to Build a Loyal Audience and Fund Yourself

Exclusive interview with the founder of Click Funnels, Russel Brunson. Subscribe to this show on  iTunes  |  Stitcher  |  Soundcloud In this interview we talk with marketing superstar and founder of Click Funnels, Russell Brunson. He explains how he builds businesses that are funded by his audience Our last question brings up his travel to Kenya where he shares the incredible work they are doing to support kids in that community and how it’s impacted his perspective. Brunson is also the author of Expert Secrets and Dot Com Secrets. Both book are making waves in the marketing world and are must...

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What Early Phase Entrepreneurs Need to Know About Conferences

Excitement. Stress. Wins. Losses. It’s all part of the entrepreneurial journey. Maybe you’re waking up early and working on your social business before your day job starts. Maybe, you’re staying up late working on your social business after your day job ends. Maybe your social business is your primary work focus already. The two biggest challenges we hear from most of the entrepreneurs Change Creator talks with include: They can’t get the traction they need to reach the next level They can’t get funding they need to scale up All entrepreneurs face those challenges but only some overcome them....

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5 Conferences Every Social Entrepreneur Needs to Attend

We’ve talked to hundreds of successful entrepreneurs and you know what they told us is one of the main keys to their success? Finding a mentor! Having a mentor can be the key to ultimate success, but how do you find that perfect mentor? Get away from your desk and attend a conference! That’s the key! Any modern day social entrepreneur making their way pursuing their mission needs help along the way. You’ve probably heard that you should get find a mentor if you want to expedite the process. Duh, right? That’s something we can probably all agree on....

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