How to Get Press with James Swanwick: Get Your Message Out There!

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Exclusive interview with serial entrepreneur and journalist, James Swanwick.

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Why Media Attention is So Important

As an entrepreneur you’re going to need to build up your credibility and get the attention of media to create awareness. We reached out to James Swanwick for some help because he has incredible experience.

Let’s us tell you a bit more about James so you know his background and understand why he’s the guy to talk to.

He’s an Australian-American motivational coach and speaker, investor, former ESPN anchor on SportsCenter, and author of Insider Journalism Secrets, which teaches people how to interview and make money writing.

At the same time, he’s a bit of a serial entrepreneur helping people in a range of areas with creative solutions.

For example, James is the founder of The 30-Day No Alcohol Challenge which helps people take 30-Days off of drinking alcohol so they can find their peak performance and evaluate their relationship with drinking alcohol along with its effects on the human body. This has been a great success and people in his Facebook group proudly post up their results.

James is the co-founder of Swannies blue-blocking glasses which helps people get better sleep by preventing damaging blue-rays from disrupting your nightly rest….and look good while doing it!

As a journalist, he has interviewed world leaders and celebrities including Al Gore, Brad Pitt, Angelina Jolie and Hugh Hefner and New York Times best-selling authors including John Gray and Keith Ferrazzi.

Lastly, he is the host of The James Swanwick Show Podcast where he interviews peak-performers of all walks- pro-athletes, business owners, fitness professional, nutrition specialists and more- on how to live a peak-state life and get the best results possible. You can check out his interview with our founder, Adam Force, right here.

Taking Initiative with James Swanwick


Topics of discussion in this interview

  1. Why he started the 30-day no alcohol challenge an how it became successful?
  2. How to get a good night sleep and the development of Swannies Blue Blocking Glasses.
  3. How he became a celebrity journalist and interviewed people like Jack Nicholson and Arnold Schwarzenegger.
  4.  Is there value in meeting people in person?
  5. What really motivates people?
  6. The difference in developing a physical product versus a digital product.
  7. How do you get the attention of journalists for more exposure?
  8. How James plans to use his products to become more responsible and contribute back.

“I literally had a physical phone book and I had a pay-as-you-go crappy cell phone at the time and I just started making phone calls…and my whole life changed because of it”.


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