Mandy Barbee: Overcoming Stressors to Thrive with Your Biz and Life

Listen to our exclusive interview with expert, Mandy Barbee

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As entrepreneurs, we all face challenges with anxiety, stress and mental blocks that hold us back! But what if we can overcome them? We spoke with expert, Mandy Barbee, who has over 15 years of leadership experience and is certified in clinical hypnotherapy, neurolinguistics, and the mind-body connection.

Mandy Barbee, MA Economics & CCHT, founder of Palladium Mind, is a transformation and healing expert who has helped hundreds of clients across the globe to overcome anxiousness and thrive in business, health, and life. By combining the power of imagery with their innate capabilities, she empowers men and women to regain a positive sense of control, transcend struggle, and enjoy everything more.

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Adam G. Force 0:11
Hey, what’s going on everybody? Welcome back to the Change Creator podcast show. This is your host Adam for syrette Change Creator. I’m excited to be here today because I love talking about the mind and how we behave and why we do things and our mental blocks and all that good stuff. And today we have a treat for you. We’re going to be talking to someone by the name of Mandy Barbie. She’s the founder of palladium mind. So we’re going to cover a number of topics here. She’s actually a she helps people in transformation and healing right? So she works with a lot of clients all around the world. And they she basically focuses on like how to overcome anxiety and different stressors and get over certain mental blocks in your life so that you can really start to thrive thrive not only in your business, But in life in general. So she has some unique insights that she’s going to be talking to us about today that I think will be really great takeaways that will help you on your journey as an entrepreneur. So excited to jump into that with Mandy today. If you guys missed the last episode of the Change Creator podcast, definitely go back we spoke to Ken Casals. He’s a very sharp guy. He was on the Forbes 30. Under 30. We talked about growing leads and revenue faster for e commerce. And there are some interesting considerations from you know what’s going on in the world today, but also just from his extensive experience working with a lot of clients and running a lot of different campaigns and stuff like that. So if you have an e commerce company, definitely something to check out. And even if you don’t, there’s a lot of great conversations just about growing leads and revenue, right? So don’t want to miss that one. And guys, one of the things that we have been focused on I know, we’ve had a lot of people come up to us and they’re obviously trying to go digital and they’re kind of stressing it. which totally get that. But you know, we are programmed the captivate method is we’re all we’re focused on digital, right? So the captivate method program is really about helping people get more, to really build trust with their audience, get more leads and get consistent sales. And we do this through strategic storytelling. So we really supercharge the business and marketing with storytelling, but we also set up these systems the right way. So you guys can have that that basically a sales loop, right? So if this is something that’s going to help you because you want to get digital and get your revenue channels up on the digital side, this could be a great program for you. We do look for early stage entrepreneurs who at least have their product that maybe made a sale or two at least, right? Because we’re not doing product development, but the community offers lots of live coaching and all that kind of stuff. So it’s a very powerful program. If you’re interested, it sounds like something that can help you right now. Go to Change Creator calm and you’ll see in the navigation menu or the header. It says Join captivate, you’ll be able to get on a waitlist and within a very short period of time, after you get a couple emails and updates, you’ll get an opportunity to join our masterclass to learn more about how this can help you. And then from there you can make your decision as if this is the right community for you or not, but really exciting stuff. It’s proven it works. We use these strategies all the time, not only for ourselves, but to help other clients scale their businesses all the time. So alright guys just wanted to make mention of that during this time with this pandemic, because I realized how important I mean digital is always important, but more than ever now we’re just seeing a whole influx of people who are looking for that kind of support so I would jump on it get in there check it out, and you can always reach out go to our contact page reach out if you have questions or you know, there’s a chat bot or whatever on there that you could talk to us. Alright guys, without further ado, let’s jump into it. Don’t forget to leave us a review on iTunes. And yeah, let’s talk to a man Hey, show

Unknown Speaker 3:57
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Adam G. Force 4:01
Hey, Mandy, welcome to the Change Creator podcast show today. How are you? I am so good. Adam, thank you so much for having me. You’re very welcome. excited to talk with you based on all the incredible expertise you have. It’s a space that I always like to get involved in. So why don’t we just open the door a little bit with, you know, what is going on today with you? Not today specifically, but just present time. And give us a little bit of that background. So I like to get like what’s going on now and then we can kind of work our way into how you got here.

Mandy Barbee 4:37
Yeah, absolutely. So right now today in my world, I were hunkered down in Seattle, Washington, doing some social distancing here. And yeah, I get to work from my home office, and I’m serving clients all over the United States and one international client through my coaching and hypnotherapy practice. displayed in mind, currently, what’s going on, it’s very exciting to me is something that’s been a long time in the works, which is not a plug, it’s just something I’m extremely passionate about is the very first opportunity that I have ever felt alignment to share something virtual, a resource that will actually create healing with people where they don’t have to dip that toe in the water of one to one in person or, or virtual work. So it’s something it’s a product that I’ve been ruminating on and steeping on for the last like five years. And it’s finally coming to fruition in April. So that’s very exciting.

Adam G. Force 5:43
Very cool. Congratulations. So thank you. I you know, for me, one of the things that’s so important and why I really wanted to have this conversation with you is that you have an expertise in helping people overcome struggle by understanding and Managing, you know, the anxiety and fear, fear based decision making. And then when it comes to us being entrepreneurs, especially solopreneurs, who are, you know, on our own and doing these things? There’s a lot of that, right? There’s a lot of ups and downs and stressors that can really trigger a lot of anxiety and fear. And so, you know, one thing we always talk about is how, you know, when we make decisions from those places that are our timing from going from point A to point B gets much longer because we make lots of bad decisions. And I want to help people understand, you know, how to think about that and how to start managing it. So can you just like talk a little bit about, you know, how you work with people in general right now, just to give us some background on what you’re doing, and how, like some of the key things that you’re working with people on?

Mandy Barbee 6:56
Oh, yes, that’s such a great setup. The I’m a way that I work with people. This, this work that I do falls under it could be described in a lot of ways. And I think the best way to understand it is it’s working with imagery. So a couple key points are that anything happening automatically, in your experience, anything that’s automated, in your experience, by your body or by your mind is governed by your subconscious. So subconscious problems can’t be analyzed away. We can bring unconscious issues to light to awareness, but even if you do, you can’t like troubleshoot a feeling away. There needs to be an experience. I love it. You’re laughing beautiful. Can you relate to that? Oh, yeah,

Adam G. Force 7:51
I mean, you have these experiences and I just like that, use the word troubleshoot, like Oh, let me you know, it’s just it’s it’s a funny way of putting it I actually just say, I typed down I quoted you on that one, you can troubleshoot and experience.

Mandy Barbee 8:05
Yeah, you can troubleshoot a feeling away. Like even if this is the this is the awareness that I had like years into doing this work with people. And I will describe the work in just a moment. I want to bring that clarity too. So we’re all like kind of speaking the same language. But the awareness that I had was people like I don’t know what this anxiety is from, I don’t know what is causing it. I don’t know. And this is a huge point of frustration. And it’s also can make a feeling or a sense of failure. result in that person’s experience depending on how we relate to not knowing something, what we feel or decide about the fact that we don’t know the reason. It can either be scary or it can be defeating, and that’s totally relatable, but in, in in the big scheme, even If you do know because often people will learn most the time when I work with people, we discover the root just knowing it doesn’t change it. And that is something beautiful that I want to add took me like I said, years of working with people one on one to notice this huge frustration that we bring a loading to the situation with burden of Oh my God, I don’t know why, and then we find out and we still have to find a way of resolving it. So I think that that bit, that little nugget of information can bring a lot of grace like okay, so So knowing it isn’t going to make you feel better. What will

Adam G. Force 9:39
Mm hmm. And well, I mean, at least I guess if you can, like you have these conversations, you get to the root of what’s causing because like I always say like, if you don’t know a mistake that you’re making, right, you think you’re doing everything great just like having clarity on your business. Like if you think you have clarity and you don’t know the mistakes you’re making, well, you can’t get around them and fix them if you’re not even aware. So at least The first step it sounds like is like, well, what is the source of this anxiety? It’s easy to say I’m stressed because of money, and I’m Chef. But there’s probably other things that go far deeper that causes ongoing, you know, stressors or trigger you into behaviors that create these, this anxiety, right? So if we can understand what they are, then I guess you could start at least taking the next steps to manage that.

Mandy Barbee 10:26
I think that’s such a beautiful like uncovering that you just made about. We say when we say it’s just an opportunity, even for listeners in this very moment, to think like if there’s something that’s Top of Mind like, it’s money, I’m stressed about money, or I’m stressed about that, that one hiring decision or the firing decision that I’m contemplating or making that leap. It’s like you’ve identified it, that’s good. But then what’s the reason why that is causing so much distress,

Adam G. Force 10:57
right? And I mean, so like, what Like, what do people how do you start figuring that out?

Mandy Barbee 11:05
Yeah. Is it magic sauce? Oh, I can totally I’ll share as much as I possibly can. This is my area of genius or geek out. Yeah. Well, I think this would be a perfect time to do it best I can in describing exactly what I do and how I do it. So we can open that up. And others can benefit and command the resources that they are governing. So we use the very mechanisms in the body and in the mind and in the person in the awareness that are creating the problem automatically, to shift it. So if you want to operate at the level where change needs to happen in the subconscious, that’s the feeling body. So it’s not the intellect or the logical part. I’m pointing up right to my neocortex right now right to the temple. Not that frontal lobe. It’s the feeling body, the instinctual primal awareness, the instincts and intuition you could say, and how you in how you work with that is actually so simple, because imagery is the language of the subconscious. Oh, that isn’t that amazing? Yeah, we can talk problem with imagery. imagery. You haven’t heard

Adam G. Force 12:28
of the subconscious? No, I have not heard that concept. That imagery is the language of the subconscious. Can you can you tell us a little bit more about that? Like why that is?

Mandy Barbee 12:40
Yes. There’s, I say, I usually hold up three fingers and I’m doing that right now. There’s imagery, hormones and emotions. There may be more I’ve often asked myself this, but these are the languages of the subconscious. These are the shovelers of automatic creation. reactions. And so, like in dreams, for instance, this is a best way to describe it when we’re processing at night in a certain brainwave pattern. And we’re becoming aware of our unconscious information when we remember our dreams. Dreams are primarily an imagery. But there’s other aspects of imagery that also show up, we have an internal sense, we have an internal set of senses, that replicates the sensory experience we have in the outside world. So our perception gets repeated on the inside so the body mind can store it. I hope this is making sense because basically, if we, if we hear a sound, the way that we’re able to recall the sound later is because we have an internal sense of sound. Yeah. So you could imagine someone gently brushing a hand against your hand or you could remember sandpaper, how it feels. We have these internal sensory ways of storing information as well. And so that is the matter By which subconscious information is stored and organized. It’s also how it’s recalled.

Adam G. Force 14:06
Yeah. Okay, so, so now Okay, can we talk I want to talk about like, so this is helpful just to get that like depth of understanding. And I think a lot of times, you know, people and I’m going to ask a general question because I want to see just how you feel about it that when we are entrepreneurs, and we are exploring the unknown, we’re solving problems. The people that really are held back from finding success in what they do, it doesn’t matter how great of an expert they are, if they aren’t making it, it tends to be because of mindset blocks. Is that a fair statement?

Mandy Barbee 14:49
I am, like I would love to add to hear it because we talked a little bit before this call as well. And you mentioned mindset there too. And I think that mindset is one of those words when people say it, they might mean, sometimes different things. Okay. I would love to hear what you can you describe mindset, and then I’ll also butt up against that.

Adam G. Force 15:07
Yeah. So if I’m relating it to what you’re talking about. So if I was it’s the subconscious, so the subconscious conscious dictating how we feel how we respond. And a simple example would be around money, right? So everyone talks about money blocks, and it’s about well, what did your parents teach you about money? What were the stories you heard about money? And how do those affect the way you behave around money? And you know, it creates the feelings you have about it. So, you know, I always say, if you hate money, you’re probably not going to have much right if you’re not, if you’re not, if you think it’s a really hard thing to get, then you’re probably going to always make yourself work 100 hours a week in order to get money. Right. So it’s like, yeah, these are the types of exactly that I see with entrepreneurs. Including myself, we all have these things. And I’m like, for example, I read a book by Bruce Lipton called the Biology of Belief and dives into a lot of these types of things because I’m always hunting for how do I improve myself? How do I strengthen my mindset, but like a great example was like, Okay, if you had a CD playing old school, right, you got a CD playing a song and you’re like, I really want to change the song. Just thinking about it like saying, don’t eat those donuts, and I’m gonna be on a diet like it just saying it doesn’t do anything. You have to literally go there and reprogram it by putting a new CD and so how do we do that in our brain?

Mandy Barbee 16:39
Yes. I love that book, Adam. And I tell people you can listen to it in three hours on Audible on a Sunday morning. It’s good if you’re able super so good. He’s just a beautiful humans. How do you reprogram it? Yeah, and and do I agree about this? This, you know, experience of struggle being a lot mindset as you described it 100% were in alignment and understanding there, okay. How do we reprogram it? There’s working with imagery, you know, working with imagery is something that it’s let me pause there. I want to say something different. Okay. We reprogram it. When I was thinking of when I work with people, what’s really important to me to convey is that sometimes because I do practice hypnotherapy, people come in and actually Bruce Lipton, Dr. Bruce Lipton also mentions hypnosis at the end of the Biology of Belief, which is so interesting, just this tiny little word. Yeah, but I do practice it with therapy. It’s because it was a way that I was trained to utilize imagery with others. The imagery isn’t proprietary to any modality You’re using imagery all the time. Sometimes we can use it for good. Or we could use it for evil because we could use imagery to make ourselves spun up and imagine really terrible things. Or we can use imagery. Sometimes it feels spontaneously, or automatically without choice to put ourselves into what Tony Robbins would say, a beautiful state, that we can command our state, by the way that we direct our attention and the imagery that we call in this, you can see that there’s this interesting interplay that I think about all the time between conscious control and direction, and the allowing of our subconscious to play as well. And so I do people come into hypnotherapy a lot and they find me through through hypnotherapy quite frequently, and we always start with debunking this idea that there’s any form of transfer of control. Because I’m only going to help that person steer their own imagery in a relaxed state, I can’t install imagery. I can’t actually reprogram they, in a state of relaxation can access the subconscious and imagery arises naturally when we flip out of analytical mindset. Yeah, yeah. So

Adam G. Force 19:24
does that answer? It does so I have questions, of course. So you are talking about being in a state of theta, right? Is that your, your relaxed state.

Mandy Barbee 19:35
Theta is the data is one of those relaxed states and I, I tend to, I really work with people in alpha, which is a very, it’s a very wakeful, but alert state where imagery is natural. And so theta and delta are generally in a state of like deeper sleep. Like they’re either sleep light dreaming sleep or deeper sleep, and we’re definitely in a waking state. Just relax critical mind. Got it.

Adam G. Force 20:08
And when you talk about using imagery, just so everybody listening understands, like we’re not talking about necessarily, or maybe you are. So you can tell me like holding up a tangible image. So you see something in front of you, it’s more about creating the images in your your mind, right, like thinking about certain images. Exactly. Okay. Okay, and so, like thinking about certain images. I mean, does this come through like the, I guess one of the processes I’ve always been curious about, and it’s like, well, does this really work? And how do I know it works is like, you would obviously work with someone through this image process, which I’m not super familiar with, but does it relate to things like affirmations? Like what it was like, Is that another process or is it tied to it?

Mandy Barbee 20:58
Yeah. I’ll go back one tiny step and then take you all the way through like a spectrum of options. Because this is also like a point of passion for me is sharing with people the spectrum of tools that other people are giving them so that they understand where everything fits. Almost like like a care team, like your whole medical team working together, you can start to go Okay, wait a second, I see what’s going on here and why, and then this one, and then I’m getting a suggestion for this from somebody else. And you can kind of begin to govern your own experience even more powerfully. There’s a conscious piece and there’s an unconscious piece and the conscious piece like every person, every client, every human that I interact with, I want us all to be building awareness because in that awareness, other things become possible, just like you said earlier. Yeah. When you become aware of the problem, suddenly you can think about solving it. This when you work in a relaxed state of awareness that is one of the easiest tools for solving a feeling problem or an automatic problem. And that’s what we’re talking about here. So when we drop into a relaxed state of mind, it affirmation is one way of imagining something that’s not true now, or that we perceive is not true now, but we’re putting ourselves in the experience of being true by writing the affirmation or speaking the affirmation. I see this. Does that jive?

Adam G. Force 22:27
Yeah. For you? Yeah, I’m good. Okay.

Mandy Barbee 22:29
I think that that’s one way that I describe affirmation, because it’s one thing to go. What? Already reveal myself Harry Potter. I must not tell lies. I must not tell anybody I must write total dork moment. But if we write the affirmation over and over and over again, surely we could eventually maybe have a chance of brainwashing ourselves. But if you if you actually engage emotionally with the affirmation That you’re saying, You’re basically dressed, rehearsing the emotional experience and giving your nervous system the opportunity to taste what life is like, when that’s true. And you’re making it true right now.

Adam G. Force 23:16
I love that. Yeah. So okay, so cuz that’s something I picked up on through this process is like, you don’t just sit there and say something in your mind. Right? And you you want to, I learned that the most and I think you’re saying the same thing. The most important part of that is to not just say it and think it, but to actually feel it to actually emotionally feel what it’s like, when you’re saying that. Like that. That affirmation. So yeah, just mentioned jolting the nervous system and starting because now if you can feel it, like when you said I guess what life is like, right, and I think that that hit me, I’m like, Yes. Okay. So that’s probably the most important part of that process, right?

Mandy Barbee 23:59
Yes. Yes, and let’s take it a step further. So an affirmation is this one part of utilizing our decision making process which is conscious, to step into an emotional experience of something new, being true. And affirmation is not the primary tool that I use in my practice, but it’s what I will send people away to do at home because it’s support. It’s like this beautiful foundation or a brick road that you’re building underneath all the change work that we’re going to do the transformation work that you can do with imagery with a person one on one. And so, with imagery like on top, if we stack these resources, we’re bringing consciousness to bear we want the decision we want the decision making process on board with what we’re doing. We’re not trying to go ahead or without the rest of the person’s good decision making on board right then affirmations can support change work and in very light situations with enough rapid And consistency, they can and will change problems. But a lot of times when there’s real deep fears, I don’t mean deep like long ago or deep down or dark. I just mean, if it’s really emotionally charged. It’s really hard to step into the experience of those words even being true. We need something else to shift. And you can make shift happen like like that. I mean, practically like that when you’re working directly with the problem state via an interface such as imagery. So imagery allows, like an like an, like a translator between conscious awareness and unconscious problem within the body. So suddenly, they have a means of talking. Got it?

Adam G. Force 25:46
Yeah, I love that. That’s interesting. And so can you I guess I’m curious. Now that we’re kind of talking about the imagery, we talked about the affirmations like, how long is A process like this usually taking place before we can start seeing shifts in, I guess I want to say the reality that we’re manifesting.

Mandy Barbee 26:13
Mm hmm. This is this is one of the most fun parts of my job. But I get to tell you that when you do this type of when you do this type of you have this type of conversation within yourself. Yeah, using this language where suddenly I’ll say, it feels like sometimes when you’re trying to problem solve a feeling. It can be like one person speaking one language screaming at another person speaking another language and the other person screaming back with anxiety. And the conscious mind is screaming back with problem solving. They’re both just screaming each other and nobody’s understanding anything. Right? And it’s like, Can we just get a translator in here? And then you have a translator and they don’t even have a beef. Like Okay, cool. It’s like a handshake and it’s done. But communication got to happen. Right? And that is that fast. And not only is it that fast it’s that when you have that conversation, you’ve actually resolved the reason for the feeling. The feeling is only coming to deliver information. The problem is its language isn’t being heard or understood. Because we get so used to listening with our conscious mind, right or no longer those children just in worlds where reality and dreams can mix and we’re like, with our playmates, you know,

Adam G. Force 27:38
yeah, yeah. Okay. So I guess I’m curious. So I mean, because I guess it’s, it’s different for everybody, right? It’s not like you can say, oh, in a month, I’m gonna be a millionaire because I overcame my fear of money. Or like, you know, whatever it might be. You know, even like Tony Robbins, we interviewed him and he was like, you know, I’ve worked with all these big times. CEOs, professional athletes, all these guys, and no matter what level you’re at, he said that, you know, when someone’s trying to go to the next level of success like to move into a new version of themselves and a new version of their life 80% of the time, there’s a psychological block holding them back that he just helps them get around. And that’s all it is.

Mandy Barbee 28:22
Yeah, this is the exact This is the nature of my work is I help people shift the block, we help people resolve the block, right. And I can speak to and if anybody’s still listening after all of this technical communication, please. I feel like I just been on overload delivering so much tech information, but I really, I really love talking about this stuff out of them. So you don’t know how much I appreciate you just sharing this time with me and I really admire the work that you’re doing. Thank you.

Adam G. Force 28:57
No, I mean I love I love getting into these conversations I just think they’re so important. Because you know, entrepreneurship in my mind is about creating a life. And it’s, it’s there is no work life balance. It’s just about this harmony of how do you live your life? How do you spend your time? And I think there’s so many unnecessary stressors from past. You know, what do you call it conditioning that we’re not aware of. And I just give you example of how important this mindset stuff is. We had I was at a summit not long ago, and it’s about 40 people in a mastermind that we’re in, you know, one that you have to pay a big bill to be heard of. And so you’re already paying a lot of money over $20,000 to be part of this mastermind. And we got a room of 40 people. So a guy goes up and he presents about money mindset. This is what his program what he helps people with, right is just money mindset. And so it’s a $5,000 program for to be part of this. And then he had a small discount for people in the room. But at the end of the day 50% of the room right there on the spot, opened up their phones and bought that these are these are multiple high like six figure seven figure entrepreneurs. And they are without even thinking about it. Half that room bought that program because money mindset was just so important to the process of getting to that next stage. So what the reason I’m sharing this is that the work you do is probably one of the most important parts of becoming successful in building the life that we want.

Mandy Barbee 30:32
Wow, he really just honored me I see it that way too. And it’s one of the greatest joys of me finding my purpose is that I really think that like when you when you scrape away the scum and then you scrape away the pain you get all the way down to bare metal, like what I get to work with people is on the foundation, and when the foundation is rock solid, you can’t stop a person and it’s not hard. It’s not long to get there. Even Though that is so counterintuitive, because we can struggle against these things, for as long as we have memory, right, I see this stuff shift so fast. And it’s not a magic button. You know, and I know that you know that it’s not a magic button. That’s not what I’m saying. But your question was, interestingly, your question was like, how long does it take? Yeah, and I have worked well, my background in the military. And I also have background in manufacturing in a regulated, regulated industries, two of them. So we’re like precision and quality and root cause analysis, and resolution, the five why’s like it’s gotta be dialed in. Yeah. And I bring that to bear with this really soft, compassionate type of work to help people resolve some of the darkest stuff where we’ve got guilt or shame or whatever, and anxiety where it’s like, we’re breaking our heads against it. So to help people be able to shift those things. Where there’s a lot of belief sometimes stacked against ourselves. It is such an honor. Yeah. And so I have worked really hard my entire obsession is in creating a being able to provide something where there is an expectation that within this window, you can expect that a normal bell curve of results are going to be you can have a resolution not like in, you know, 19 days, it’s like a timer, it just goes off and you’re done. But it’s like, you know, there’s a range and if you follow the process, you can shift and a lifelong problem in weeks. I love

Adam G. Force 32:39
that. Yeah, I love that. And it’s because it’s funny you could see people they’ll spend all the money in the world on like, a course for a marketing strategy on Pinterest or all this other stuff and they end up missing the nurturing of the most important part important part of their success which is cultivating the mindset because and the reason is Say that is what everything we’ve been talking about. But the other part of it is, you know, right now you are not the person that you need to be to get where you want to go. So you have to literally become different versions of yourself to continue to grow into that, that future that you have a vision for, right?

Mandy Barbee 33:23
Yes, yes. Yes. And when when you were speaking about when you were just talking, what came to mind was when, when you with what you said was, we’re buying the strategies where it will pay for the marketing will invest in the equipment, right, but we’re less likely sometimes to pour into ourselves. Yes. And what came to mind was the creator and that’s this is your podcasts, you know, it’s it’s the Change Creator who’s creating the change, it’s the creator and so we have to nourish ourselves first because we are the consciousness That’s bringing all of this about. Exactly, exactly. I think it’s a good note to, to wrap up on I did want to just ask them, who you typically work with, right? Who is your, I guess primary, your perfect customer, if you will? Yeah, I, I am. I have a huge smile on my face right now because I have never really resonated with like with gender specific work. And I really believe strongly in the universality of this resource and want to be available to the human race. That being said, You know, I do have issues that I work very specifically and I can share a little bit about my practice if I actually work with 50 by 55% of my practice has been served has served men and 45% has been women. I work I have worked with people across 25 different countries. I can serve people as long as they should Share at this point in time, English as a common language, very percent because when you’re relaxed, it’s even harder to do that translation and maintain relaxation even if you’re multilingual. And my truly, my focus issue is on helping people resolve anxiety because I have walked that road, and it is possible to resolve anxiety and cease managing it. So I’m just really I’m really psyched about helping people to heal anxiety and no longer cope with it. Okay,

Adam G. Force 35:35
great. Well, why don’t we give a shout out where people can learn more about what you’re doing and find you?

Mandy Barbee 35:45
Yes, Adam is I’ll tell you right now then beautiful I am on Instagram. I’m a little I have a little bit of an Instagram addiction. lol and my handle is my palladium mind because my company is palladium mind play is one of the elements on the periodic table in the Platinum group. So that’s p ALADM. Mind and my website’s palladium mind calm and there’s a giveaway for accessing your alpha state at palladium mine forward slash change creators. Got it.

Adam G. Force 36:18
Okay, great. And we’ll put that in the show notes for everybody to check out. Mandy, thank you so much for your time and sharing your expertise. Inspire it was inspiring and very helpful. Thank you so much, Adam.

Unknown Speaker 36:34
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