EP32: Startup Growth Tips From Growth Hacking Expert Vincent Dignan

Introducing Vincent Dignan

He’s an entrepreneur, he’s a speaker, he’s a growth hacker, he’s Vincent Dignan. Whether it’s digital marketing or his unique stylish wardrop, he knows how to make a splash. In this exclusive interview he shares his startup growth tips.

As mentioned on his website, Vincent helps early-stage companies through a combination of rapid social media growth, guerrilla community management tactics, and growth hacks which have seen companies go from zero to thousands of signups/followers/users virtually overnight- so “hacking” is his specialty.

Early in his career he launched 2 digital magazines that got over 1,000,000 visitors per month and from that point on people wanted to know his secret sauce and startup growth tips.  Vincent went from digital magazine to growth-hacker at that point.

Our Exclusive Interview with Vincent Dignan

Exclusive interview with Vincent Dignan, entrepreneur and growth hacking expert.

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He founded Planet Ivy and Screen Robot. They received nearly 20 million page views without any paid marketing spend.

His first book was released with a bang on Indiegogo and has raised over $100,000. It offers some incredible insights for growth. In the book, Vincent shares a story he created for a marketing play on Indiegogo that allowed him to narrow down who he is talking to and where to find that audience type. It’s powerful stuff.

On a personal note, I came across Vincent and his work during Neil Patel’s Virtual Summit which led me to reach out and connect for this interview.

“Its all about continually talking to your users and understanding them inside out. When you do that you don’t launch products that fail.”

Questions answered in this interview:

  • What social network is working the best for him today?
  • Should you use bot software?
  • How should you approach social media and how many platforms should you be on?
  • What are some core steps to take to reach your first 1,000 customers?
  • How can you do market research if you don’t already have an audience?
  • How many posts per day per platform should you share?
  • Should you pay people for promotion?
  • How should you approach a shoutout on Instagram and why?
  • What is Vincent’s new coaching group about and how can it help you?
  • Should you invest in paid traffic on Facebook? What percent of ads fail?
  • How can you build a content website up to 1,000,000 readers per month?
  • Should you be guest blogging?
  • What is a key organic traffic solution that you should be using?




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