6 Startup Apps To Help New Entrepreneurs Get Results

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At some point you might have gotten the itch to become your own boss. I mean, why not right?

I had a surreal experience and spoke to Nobel Peace Prize winner, Muhammad Yunus. He made a comment that stuck in my head:

“you can be a job seeker or a job creator.”

There’s nothing wrong with being a job seeker. But the level of change you can create as a job creator if far greater (I did not make the rhyme on purpose). Many people start as job seekers and later decide they want to break free and do something on their own.

Here’s the thing though. How the hell do you become a job creator?

We’ve accomplished a lot a Change Creator but like any entrepreneurial journey, it never ends. You’re always figuring out the next steps and learning how to do it right by failing 20 times first. It’s hard work but the process is what’s great. It is the destination.

Our team has used a lot of different startup apps that serve different purposes and I want to share some of the startup apps that were found most useful in our ongoing thirst to learn and manage our process effectively.

6 Startup Apps – education & Authority and productivity

To be clear, when I say “startup app” I’m referring to any app that we found important to a new founder or team in the startup phase.

Education & Authority

Not only do you need to constantly learn everyday but you need to build your authority if you want to be taken seriously. These can help.

Feedly – FREE
When you’re new to the entrepreneur world or journey you have work to do. That means you need to build your authority which requires ongoing education, especially in your area of interest. Feedly is a great tool because you can follow thought leaders in your space to see what topics are trending and hot. This will not only keep you informed but it will help you create relevant content because you need to be doing that regularly if you want to build your authority.

Reddit – FREE
This is a great platform for a few reasons if you’re audience is here, which it probably is. Similar to feedly you get a great pulse of what’s hot, what people are saying and thinking, but also you contribute. Every time you answer a question for someone in your area of expertise you build up your authority if you do it well. Over time this is can be extremely valuable, especially when you want to promote something you’re doing.

Change Creator Magazine (4 weeks free)
Not to be biased but Change Creator Magazine is a must for new entrepreneurs that want to use business as a tool for income and impact. It’s a one of kind magazine. Generation to generation learning. Peer to Peer learning. There is no better way to expedite your success than to learn from the amazing brave souls who are already blazing a trail. We specifically connect you with the best entrepreneurs on the planet using business to solve social and environmental problems.  They are your mentors! If you have expertise or experiences to share as part of the global impact entrepreneur conversation then you can apply to be a Change Creator Contributor to build your authority.


Wunderlist – FREE
This is a great app with a ton of function. Plus, it’s free! Create all kinds of lists that can be shared with the team so you know what’s getting done when. From creating collaborative work lists to personal vacation list or project planning, Wunderlist helps you easily create and share lists by syncing with your phone, tablet and computer and allows you to access them from anywhere.Now you can sync your work and life lists through the cloud-based task management app.

Trello – FREE
We have used Trello as a content management tool for the Change Creator blog. It’s a great project management tool that allows you to track workflows and provides excellent visibility into every project point. Users can create boards, add and assign tasks to share workloads, add editable checklists, upload photos and videos, customize workflows, keep tabs on projects and even invite co-workers to interact with and edit documents. The app offers a tons of integrations too.

Sure, you probably know Slack already. But a lot of people question why they might use it over other applications. What’s great about slack, aside from creating specific topic based channels for communication with a team or community, you can share documents, videos, and it’s all searchable, unlike a Facebook Group. We use this on the regular!

Final Words on Startup Apps

Knowing about these apps is great. But actually using them and making them part of your daily process is what matters.

Great things take time, so be consistent, stay organized and focused on what matters, and always soak up information from others with experience.

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