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What Are The Unique Challenges of Starting a Social Enterprise?

If you have a desire to work with underserved communities and promote sustainability along the way, starting a social business will give you the opportunity to get involved with the people you want to serve at a grassroots level. What are the unique challenges of starting a social enterprise? That’s a good question. Is it like other kinds of businesses? Or more like a non-profit? What makes starting a social good business that much more difficult than a typical for-profit business model? That’s what we are examining today. Can you make a living and change the world? It’s becoming...

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Social Enterprise vs Non-Profit – Dispelling the Myths that Still Exist

Many of us still think that social enterprise is synonymous with nonprofit, but that simply isn’t the case. There are many key differences between the two, and several myths still exist about the comparison between both. We asked one of the country’s leading experts on social enterprise, Luni Libes to share his thoughts on these myths. I know you’ll find this discussion compelling and informative. Social enterprise vs non-profit — let’s examine the myths that still exist. Introduction by Amy Aitman, Change Creator Director of Content 1. The myth that social good is nonprofit social work. Jump back 50...

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The Beginner’s Guide to Starting a Social Business

As a consumer, you have probably heard of or engaged with brands with a social mission. And if you’re pondering about starting a business, you may wonder if incorporating a social mission is right for you. There’s no better time than now to start a social business, as consumers increasingly desire to be associated with brands that are ethical: 56% of US consumers have stopped buying from companies that are unethical. 63% of consumers feel that ethical issues are becoming more important. 58% of consumers revealed that buying ethically produced products makes them feel good. However, it’s not always...

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A Look At Social Business Models and NGOs

The social business is not new. It has existed for decades in different forms with many definitions, some having been more effective than others. It has long been seen as an alternative to the NGO, a model that streamlines impact and eliminates bureaucracy. And yes, from many perspectives, social business is a model for the future. It allows quick growth and broader impact than the traditional NGO. With a social business model, staffers do not have to fundraise, engage donors or work with government. They can focus on work without the burden of grant writing or taking donors on...

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