Unlock Your Professional and Personal Growth with Expert Rick Miller

Interview with Rick Miller

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In this refreshing and inspiring talk business expert Rick Miller shares his strategies for unlocking your personal and professional growth.

Rick Miller is an author, and speaker who has spent over 30 years as a business leader and go-to Chief, serving as President and/or CEO in Fortune 10, Fortune 30, non-profit, and startup companies.

Today, he works with Chiefs across industries and speaks regularly about a simple, unconventional, research-based strategy and tool that enables all Chiefs to drive sustainable growth.

He calls it the Power Compass.

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Rick is a Chief not because of his many high-ranking titles, but because of his ability to bring out the best in others—and in himself—using the choices he developed in his Power Compass, a road-tested sustainable growth model he created over the course of his successful career, and which he

shares in this book and continues to use with his clients.

Rick has been in demand for the past ten years as a confidential adviser to many of today’s most senior executives and is extensively connected within the global business and leadership communities. Rick continues to serve senior executives by offering broad business experience in six specific areas: customers, competitors, costs, capital, communities, and culture. Rick helps senior leaders ask the right questions.

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