Russel Brunson: How to Get Tons of Traffic to Your Funnel

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Online traffic is a must today if you want to scale your impact! So, what does it take to get A LOT of traffic to any website or funnel?

To answer that question, Clickfunnels founder, Russell Brunson released the book Traffic Secrets: The Underground Playbook. And it’s GREAT!

Of course, Change Creator co-founder, Adam Force, had to talk to him about it and ask some burning questions! 
You don’t want to miss this interview.

“It’s always an honor to talk with Russell, he’s a rockstar and just a genuinely good guy. His new book, Traffic Secrets, is some of the best marketing insights you can find. It’s the real deal.” ~Adam Force

Oh and guess what?

Right now, you can grab a FREE copy of his book so you can start getting the traffic you need to grow your biz to the next level.

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Transcription of Interview

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Adam G. Force 00:00

Hey Russell, what’s going on, man? Welcome to the Change Creator podcast show how you doing today?

Russel Brunson 00:04

I’m doing amazing. Thank you so much for having me, man. I’m super excited.

Adam G. Force 00:07

Yeah, you know, I’m excited to have you here and excited about your book. You know, I did. I ordered that bad boy, I haven’t gotten my copy yet, but I’m waiting very impatiently, with this whole pandemic, you know, everything’s backed up and slowed down. So we’ll hopefully get that soon. Listen, man, tell us just a little bit, just to kick this off and get everybody acclimated. Um, you know, why did you decide to even create Traffic Secrets on top of everything else that you’re already doing?

Russel Brunson 00:32

Yeah, um, that’s a really good question. Sometimes I think I love punishment or something. writing books is really hard. No, but the real reason is, you know, it’s, I think, a unique spot, like being one of the cofounders of clickfunnels. We have a chance to see so many people’s businesses and what they’re doing what’s happening behind the scenes, what’s actually working, what’s not, I get an email every single day, which is like Christmas where it’s like, here’s all the top 20 funnels from in all Click Funnels based on sales and based on leads every day see 40 new funnels are like working in real time and like we get chance to see all these these fascinating things and then I see also the the frustrations of people that are cancelling and people that are you know are just like I’m ads account shut down, right? I have a funnel of my products way better than my competitors but nobody sees my their binaries and like, all this stuff. And it’s like, Man, it’s so for me, I’m always thinking like, what, what’s the thing I can do to help the community the most right now? And I tell you what, I did not want to write another book because there’s so much pain associated. Right? Like the biggest The biggest problem we have right now is traffic. I think the biggest problem is that they they’ll look at it from from a lens of like, like how to run Facebook ads, or how do i do Google? I do get from these lenses or the people that are talking about traffic. They’re always like, we found this loophole. And here’s that exploit this loophole that we just found and like, by definition, a loophole closes like it’s, it’s only there for a little bit. And, and I just, I’ve been nervous. I think there’s, you know, obviously we’ve been blessed over the last year. Seven or eight years where Facebook has made traffic so easy for people. But I see it shifting right now. And, and I was like I need to help my entrepreneurs that follow us to like understand traffic more strategically different so that when Facebook shuts down or when Zuckerberg gets closed down by the government, hopefully. But whatever happens, like there’s that we’re ready for it, because it’s going to happen. And in fact, it’s funny that the introduction says introduction, and it says there’s a storm coming. And I didn’t realize we’d be launching the book in the middle of the economic storm, but but it’s happening, I think that people like need these skill sets right now because it has happened for you yet. And ad account is going to get shut down. Like the way you rely on traffic right now is going to shift or change or disappear. If you’re not prepared, your business will be gone. And I’ve seen so many people who had amazing businesses who are out of business now because of that. And so it’s really to help people to have a more holistic, good way to you know, long term way to drive traffic to their business.

Adam G. Force 02:54

Yeah. And so what is I mean, are you saying to diversify to have paid and organic strategies in play, so can you just go a little deeper on what you mean, in preparation for that?

Russel Brunson 03:05

Yeah. So to answer that question, like, I want to go back in time, like 15 years, because I got started before Facebook before there was MySpace, and there was like Friendster, and then before that there were no social networks. And that’s how I got started on this game. When I was in college, I was trying to figure it out. And there weren’t like a ton of people teaching internet marketing back then. So it’s like, it was kind of harder to figure things out in the word. Anyway. And so I remember joining this, this group with these old school like direct response dudes, like Dan Kennedy and Bill Glazer. And I remember joining the group I went the very first day and I was the only internet nerd in the group. And they always made fun of me and I think they bring it in a sales like a direct mail piece that we’re working on like Russell, this is an envelope inside of it to let people actually hold these when they open them a year. You know, they totally make fun of Yeah. And I remember one of the one of the meetings. I can’t remember who it was but they said something that I stuck in my head they said the problem is most of you internet guys, you think that the internet is a business. That’s why All like that’s why you guys are all so wishy washy. Like. He’s like, the internet’s not a business. The internet’s a media channel, just like direct mail or radio or TV or news. It’s, they’re all the same. And he’s like, you look at you look at the Internet as a media channel, it follows the same rules as all these other media channels. And so that’s how I learned marketing is like, Okay, well, let me do direct mail. So we did direct mail, we ran radios, I started learning these principles, and that was able to go over here like, oh, now they understand these things. This is actually really easy. It doesn’t matter if it’s Facebook or tik tok, or twitch or Mike, like, the principles are all the same. And so this book has really helped people understand the core principles of a media chant, how they work. And so that way, they’re evergreen. So like when Facebook gets shut down, or changes, like, like, okay, we’ll just work where do we shift where we shift you will still the same?

Adam G. Force 04:45

Yeah, I get it. So just getting to that real core, not getting so tactical about the actual little bits and pieces, but understanding how to look at the marketing strategy, not the just the execution on these different platforms and things like that. I love that. Yeah, that’s super helpful. Um, next To get this book I mean, you know, I traffic always is a big struggle for people and just really getting that foundation of how to see it. I guess it shifts the perspective a little bit, which can just be a game changer, right?

Russel Brunson 05:12

Yeah, it opens up, it opens up so many more. You mentioned earlier, I go down rabbit holes, these rabbit holes of traffic where it’s like when you get the book, like chapter one, I geek out a lot. Like, in fact, if you look at all my books, like the first section of all my books is like understanding your dream customers. Most people like just running and like, yeah, understanding, I understand your dream customer like a deep, intimate level, you know, their fears, their thoughts, like just really understanding him. So step one is that in step two, the second question then is like, how do I buy Facebook ads to these people? It’s like, I know, these people are where are they hanging out online? And where are they congregating? And when you ask that question, it also shifts because like, Well, my dream customer say they’re into health and fitness or couponing or whatever it is, right? Where are they hanging out? It’s like, Well, here are the 30 blogs that they all read. Here are the 200 podcasts they listen to here are different. Facebook groups they’re part of here’s the email list they subscribe to you here are Austin’s like, Oh my gosh, like there’s this whole world of, of these little like gold mines, these little pockets of traffic. I think right now everyone’s like focus on like, one, you know, again, Facebook and one thing that traffic’s like there’s so many other traffic sources that nobody’s tapping into. In fact, I did this experiment someone the other day, who was like what could afford ads, Russell, so I was like, Okay, I had my way, grab your phone out. So as you’re listening, you will be able to see it. But if you’re watching, play along here, you go. Like there’s there’s the podcast app, right? It’s free and click on the podcast app. And you’re like, Okay, and then you go through here, and if you scroll down, there’s a section says the top shows. Yeah, so it shows you what are the best shows today. So you click on top shows, you can see all and there’s categories so it shows. There’s news, comedy, sports, history, art business, like there’s all these categories, right? And then let’s say I give a product for kids and family, right kids and family. And right there pops up 200 the top 200 bit rank on the most listens. The top 200 podcasts in the world for for, for family kids. So because the family and kids like, it was crazy as like some of these podcasts, I don’t think people understand this. Like I have people all the time like, well, if I could be on The Ellen Show, I’d be rich. It’s like people aren’t watching TV anymore. Some of these podcasts, get more downloads per episode than Ellen’s ever dreamt up. And say, and these people like there’s not at levels of producers and all these things. It’s like you can you can mess up. I love your podcast, I actually have a really cool product and a story. Hey, come on, and tell him like sure, and you can get on a show and get free traffic. Yeah, or most of these, most of these podcasts also happen to sell ads. And then because there’s not like some easy ad network, like like Facebook, you can buy ads, like most people don’t buy ads there because it’s you have to like actually email the person like how do I buy ads exact so there’s so much opportunity to add costs are so much cheaper. And so it’s like there’s a way when you start shifting your thinking like that’s like, Who’s my dream customer, where are they at? And it’s like, how do I how do I get my message in front of Okay, can I get on podcasting you can buy ads cuz I can Write guest blog blog posts Can I get them to blog about me? Can I buy a pop up on their blog? There’s, it opens up a whole new world of possibilities that most people are just completely ignoring right now.

Adam G. Force 08:08

Yeah, it’s true. And I think that a lot of these bloggers and stuff who still get lots of traction and things like they’re on there under us, they’re they’re overlooked quite a bit, right. And,

Russel Brunson 08:19

you know, you’re tapping into these mommy blogs who like it’s funny that they blog and they get paid like, five cents for somebody quick to clip a coupon or something. It sounds like you pay five cents a click and then like, I was like, I figured bucket clicked to give it away. Yeah. Yeah, 2000 bucks later. I’m like, that was one boy that nobody else has ever. Right? All right, let’s do this again.

Adam G. Force 08:40

I love that man. It’s true. You just got to open your eyes and we tend to get fun. What do you call tunnel vision sometimes, right? And we we’ve had a major focus on organic and Facebook. And I love like what you’re doing too. We’re always all about getting out on the podcasts and those types of things. And there’s just a lot of creative thinking and untapped resources. So I’m sure you’re book will cover a lot of those cool

Russel Brunson 09:02

areas exploring differently. What I was like, because he was he was talking about SEO right. Like, and I talked about the book I’m like, let me show you my shortcut because like, I remember when we first started learning SEO, I was like, so frustrated cuz I’m so much like, I want like when you guys want to win, you want to be ranked number one for this keyword like today. Like it frustrates like, I remember the first time like that we had a campaign trying to rake us for set of keywords. I remember being so frustrated, like a week or two, I went directly to Google and type in keywords, I found the top 10, the top 10 listings on every page, and I realized that most of those pages like blogs and things like that, where someone’s looking at ranking stuff, and they don’t want to sell anything. And so I start emailing people directly. I’m like, dude, you’re a number one for work at home. Can I and there’s a big banner ad, can I just buy that banner ad from you? Okay, can I pay you to put a pop up on your site? Yeah, like sure. And so within like, within five seconds, you know, if you searched by dream keyword, which we’re hopefully someday going to rank for and someone clicked on it, click on a page and they went Like my ad was there and instantly like that fast I was getting all this SEO traffic from other people with SEO for me. And like, again, it’s like so simple, but these little things that is shifting your mindset that people don’t think about that hopefully this book will just be like, I have control my own destiny once again, like it’s simple, it’s easy, we start looking at through different lenses.

Adam G. Force 10:16

And I love that that’s a simple perspective shift. That’s a great example. So anybody watching or listening right now, I mean, just the idea, like we do a lot of SEO for organic traffic. We have b2b clients who want to tap into that traffic, but flip the script. And it’s like, well, I’m not gonna rank for everything based on let’s say, our membership that we sell, but we could tap into other people who already have it, and they’re probably not capitalizing on it. Anyway, you get a pretty good deal from them, probably.

Russel Brunson 10:40

Definitely, for sure. I love that man.

Adam G. Force 10:42

Listen, I was curious. One thing just because you did two other books. Did you change your process at all, like based on the experience?

Russel Brunson 10:50

Yeah, I did this one for sure. One thing nice is that I never use Google Docs in the past because I always hated Google Docs and it’s a book I found out about him and now like, I’m obsessed with

Adam G. Force 11:00

Cool. It’s awesome

Russel Brunson 11:01

I don’t know how I wrote them. I read it in like Word and then I send it to people to edit, send it back and like eight different edits. I’m trying to like sync it was a nightmare. So what’s fun about this I did is like, I started Google Docs. I wish I was like, a ways down. And then I invited some people close to me, I was like, hey, I want you guys to go behind and read it not like editing, editing, like, grammar, bowing, editing, like constantly making sense. Is it confusing? Like, yeah, the story have context enough to actually you know, and so like, I had five people reading behind me and like leaving comments and stuff. And so as I was doing the book, they were falling behind me by the time I got to the bottom was really fun. So I got to talk. And it was like, I was I was rewriting but with like, 10 people’s ideas. Oh, like, Oh, that’s so good. Like, it was a it just made the process more collaborative. and way more. I like that will turn out better because of i

Adam G. Force 11:44

too. How long did it take to get this one put together

Russel Brunson 11:47

Ah, this was a pain. It was a good day. Yes, I’ll benefit from the pain. So if it were my first started was about 18 months, but was like, I mean, obviously I’m doing a lot of things as well. I’d say like the hard way crunch time of like, like, I have to finish a chapter every like three days or whatever. Like the thing was, you know, the first 18 months has tons of research and fighting stuff in outlining and trying to structure and a lot of Dude, I’m a doodler. So a lot of doodles, like head to paper was probably a good three to four months of just like, everything else is blocked off.

Adam G. Force 12:18

just like, yeah, that’s not too bad though. I you met the way. You mentioned having other people read through it. We I spoke with Guy Kawasaki not long while ago now but he was like, Yeah, when I write a new book, I take the manuscript draft and I’ll send it out to my Twitter audience and let everybody just share feedback. I was like, really?

Russel Brunson 12:36

e’s a I would dare to do that

Adam G. Force 12:38

I thought it was pretty brave to he’s like listen, if someone else can steal it and do it better than me then shame on me.

Russel Brunson 12:46

I think for me it’s like I have this fear because it’s funny. I any creative person like you create in private so it’s like your words your thoughts. You’re loving it and the CGI Yeah, you give it like first time someone read it. I outside my few close people for some like I shipped a couple copies of people and like I was I was so scared. I remember the first person who messaged me back was Garrett. Garrett J. White, he messaged back, he’s like, dude, that’s what he said. I’m like, Oh, crap. He’s like, this is actually better than the first two books. I was like… Oh, I don’t want like, this is actually like..That’s like, it’s so scary. Like to put out a tweet. I can’t even imagine that I would have had a heart attack, I would have melted down. I don’t know.

Adam G. Force 13:23

Yeah. Well, listen, I like to just get your thoughts on, you know, I know you have teams running ads, and all that kind of stuff. But when it comes to I just want to talk about paid traffic for a minute. And I’m sure you obviously cover a lot of this in the book. But I guess we’re so what are some of the shortcomings people have with paid traffic? Meaning like, you know, we work with a lot of solopreneurs people in the first five years, let’s say, and I’m curious, because what happens is they have this fear factor of actually spending money. So they’re not getting enough data, right? And they’re, they’re not willing to pay for data. So what are your thoughts about like, you know, proving out a new funnel, like we don’t nail it up the offer on the first try, right? It’s like, any thoughts on just how to lean into that. Pay traffic world a littl

Russel Brunson 14:01

bit. That’s the hardest thing. It’s like, I’m gonna gamble. So go to Vegas, they throw a quarter and the first time they win, like, they’re like stuck on gambling, whereas like, yeah, eight ads, it’s the opposite. It’s like you don’t, you know, and I thought, we talked about that here where it’s like, if you’ll get the initial advertising efforts are going out there, you’re trying to like, you’re finding people, you’re bringing them into your world. It’s like, you spend 80% of the money there and you’ll get 20% results. It’s like, oh, it sucks for rocks. You have to like get people get data, get things in there. It’s just like, this annoying, frustrating experiment. That’s just no good. And then what happens then you bring them in. Now they’re dumped into retargeting buckets, where now you’re spending 20% of money. If you make 80% of your results, it becomes easier, but it’s like, you have to get through the grind of this first. I think if if it was nice, you know, and I was kind of the first time I would look at this almost like, if you’re hiring a coach or a consultant or you’re buying a course then people like they’re less scared of buying a course or higher than they are by ads, but just like okay, I’m buying A coach or you know, whatever is gonna help me go find my dream customers and buy, you’re gonna buy a bunch of data and they’re gonna dump it to me. And then this date I’m going to use and like look at it from that lens. And then like, give it to whoever drive the ads for you, whatever. And and just know, like, I’m spending and it could be, you know, whatever you’re comfortable 1000 bucks, 5000, whatever, like, but just to like, write it off as like, this is money that I’m hiring a consultant to find the data who’s gonna buy my offer in the future. They look at that lens and it’s like, they got their money’s bad. I’m not expecting any return on investment or even one I’m just getting data back. And then now you got these buckets where you’re targeting stuff happened and then that’s where that’s where that’s like you get your head of like, this is so easy to get people are buying like crazy, but it is definitely scary when you don’t look at it that way. It’s just like…

Adam G. Force 15:42

yeah, it’s true. Well, and organic for a lot of people can be pretty slow. So they’re like, it’s been three months and I haven’t had any new sales for my course. And it’s like, well, how many people have actually watched your that been through your funnel? Oh, well, yeah, yeah. I’m curious if you have thoughts. I know you because you’ve done some transactions. type stuff with load lower ticket items and scale all the way up to super high ticket items. You know, when it comes to thinking about traffic, does that change is the strategy change between transactional versus high ticket? Right like the entering that thought process?

Russel Brunson 16:19

Yeah. That’s interesting. I and you know, people always ask me, well, should I just do it low tickets are just too high and I feel like a good business has has all of them like there’s there’s purposes for them, right? Like when I launched Click Funnels, I was going initially after a warm audience. And so we had $1,000 offer. We did two webinars and like we just we like I was doing funny in experts secret until I tell people do a webinar a week and they’re always like, complaining. So you know, the first 12 months of clickfunnels, I was doing three to five webinars a week. Some days, I would do three webinars in a day. Like it was just like, like pedal, the metal would go 200% we’re buying ads, we were buying emails, we were like as many things we can do, just to get things and that’s how we grew from zero to 10 million in the first year like just like I killed myself and I wanted to die. I get it right. But then it got point where like, there’s so much saturation. So people seen it, we got harder and harder to, like, possibly keep buying stuff to it. And that sounds like okay, now we need, like a lower ticket thing to step down to, to kind of be like this Trojan horse to get people in, and then we can send them to webinars. That’s when we did secrets, but it came I think six months, six, eight months after clickfunnels this book came out Yeah, that would grab people in they come in that’s where they buy the book. They go to the book funnel and then from there, we push them to a webinar funnel. And then they’re like, that was that became the model, you know, and like Traffic Secrets book is the same thing like it actually if you look at like my business secrets was like, you got all the people who are internet marketers who are like, they may have understood funnels me Not yet, but like, that was the group we were going after. And after I got that group into the world, I was like, how do we go beyond that world? Let’s find people who are experts and influencers and help them to understand how funnels work for them. So the second book came out, which may cast a wider net to people that who who weren’t marketers yesterday, you know, but like we turn that we grab them and turn to help them understand how funnels work and brought those people into our world and traffic. versus like the wider net? Like anybody who’s got a website or business or anything you need traffic, right? So he can go to places that like nothing else can, right? I’m working on a radio campaign like I’m running this on radio as it’ll penetrate spots that I can’t penetrate with other offers. Yeah. So we’ll take a step has the ability to penetrate different segments and things like we have a book for for network marketers, specifically on network marketers can use funnels, and that’ll penetrate into that market and grab people in and then help them bridge the gap between, you know, network marketing funnels, and then we put them into our same webinars and moving from there. So that’s kind of how I look at it. And then the high end, obviously, is just super profitable. You take all

Adam G. Force 18:38

that? Yeah. Yeah. So you know, you got your value ladder that you talked about the other books, you’re really working people through that process, and they serve different purposes, I guess. Yeah, that makes sense. Yeah, man, I mean, I’m curious to know just also, when you’re when you’re going through, you mentioned doing like a webinar a week and I think a lot of people do roll their eyes at that because it’s like doing a live webinar. I think what a lot of people make get nervous about getting out there and going live and things like that. And two, it’s pretty time consuming, right? If you have an hour 90 Minute Webinar, and you’re doing that multiple times, but it’s nice when you’re getting sales, right?

Russel Brunson 19:10

Yeah. So like, it’s like all the things I could be doing in the business is the most valuable thing I could possibly be doing. So why don’t I do it? And the only thing it forces you to do because people like Wait, so I do a new webinar every week to my list. I’m like, No, no, this is the same webinar word for word the same every single time, which then it forces you because because if you just say webinar to your list twice, it’s gonna stop working, right. So it’s like, that means I have to get new people in every transaction, because I was like, I’m not gonna jump on a webinar unless we got at least I can’t remember I had a number back then and get at least 3000 register. I was into the webinar. It’s my traffic, five days to get these like, so they’re like they’re freaking out like they’re focusing on traffic. So we got everyone our company focusing right things like our traffic, he was no longer like sitting on their hunches. Like, I have to get X amount people registered routes. This whole business model falls apart. I got to deliver my presentation. I just got everybody. It got everybody doing the right thing. When we started focusing on

Adam G. Force 20:01

that, okay and doing it like why not have it evergreen and recorded like versus the live this is so you can get real time feedback. Like what was the purpose behind

Russel Brunson 20:10

that? Yeah, I think eventually real time or evergreen is good eventually, but not first. And I think most people miss that. Like I the first time I did the webinar, the launch clickfunnels I was at an event I wrote it on the plane right over I did it. I did it and it worked. I was like, This is the man I forgot the messaging but I remember that next morning. I was like, leaving the hotel with my with my bag. And some lady in the lobby grabbed me. She’s like, Oh, your presentation is so fun. She’s like, I I just feel bad. I didn’t buy it because I’m a coach. And so I can’t use I can’t use clickfunnels. What? Yeah, well, because I in the in the presentation I showed like my supplement funnel, I show Drew Canole. As I showed you say I don’t have a supplement. So I can’t use Click Funnels. I was like, What? I was like, I’m a coach, like I sell books in college. So like, She’s like, no, I this is you rent, she runs back to her room. She grabs three other women, they come down all three of my grab order forms they fill in handed to me, and they’re like we had no idea that we could use As a coach or consultant, yeah, yeah, some jumping in the plane. I was like, Oh my gosh, like I missed it. So I went through it. I tweaked the presentation add those things in. I got back to Boise. That was like a Saturday I think and then it was like next Monday. I on the flight texting everyone I know like I had a webinars converting like, can you promote it? So we had webinars lined up for the next week I did the very first webinar. I’m invited to that day, the first one had, they both have like, I don’t know, 800 ish people that were on it and the first webinar that morning, and I did like $30,000 in sales. I was like, I thought it’d be a little better. Remember, I went through it. I looked at all the questions people submitted during the webinar, and I was looking at like, Oh my gosh, like they’re used, Hear, hear, hear their views about the offer here. Here’s all the list of wherever they were stuck. So I took that went back to my slides. And I like I just added slides, tweak things, change things to address all those concerns. And like four hours later, I did the same webinar to the same size audience. And that time we did $120,000 in sales. And so then I went through and I export all the questions again, okay, where they get stuck down, and we keep this habit of every single time we would do that we would do presentation, export it tweak the slide sweet slides. And I did that for weeks and weeks until I had this thing where it’s just so polished. Like Tuesday I can do it by I can do it from memory word for word. And that’s what it’s like now I like go for Go Go evergreen it. The problem is most people evergreen the first version, because it’s like, I’m gonna do it once they do it once and then they’re missing all. Like, they used to live every day for a month or every, you know, four times a week, every week for a month, they would they would probably two or three extra conversions. And just like someone knows, like the difference, like if you’re if you’re, if you’re like 5% of people are buying a webinar, it’s like a six figure your webinar, you get 10% that’s like a seven figure webinar, you get 8%. That’s a $10 million, your webinar. It’s like the getting 5% conversion to 15 is in between six figures and eight figures. So like, Is it worth making those tweaks in those

Adam G. Force 22:47

ests? Big time, big time and you’re seeing where you need to make tweaks based on just where people are asking questions. So are you pausing to be like, Hey, does anybody have questions or they just firin

Russel Brunson 22:55

There’s fired about… Yeah, I do. A lot of trial closes throughout my presentation. Like you Give this up quickly. But I don’t look around during the presentation because it throws me off as a person. You export it look through all like the kind of stuck here stuck here stuck here

Adam G. Force 23:08

Yep. Yep. Yeah, that makes a lot of sense, because there’s just so many little points of, we’ve had things where people are, well, I wasn’t sure if that was for me or not, because you said solopreneurs, right. And I thought that was for this. And we’re like, Ah, man, you know, and it’s like, they’re all these little nuances. And you can get stuck in a world of changing things for no reason if you don’t have that data, right. Yeah. Listen, Russell. I know we’re about on our time. So I’m going to wrap up here. Let’s just give a shout out. Actually, one last thing is just to point like, where can people learn more about the book? Do you have a specific URL that you want to shout out?

Russel Brunson 23:38

Yeah, for sure. Right now we’re doing a promotion or pre launch where you can get free copies of the book, silver Traffic Secrets calm. You got a 995 shipping handling for the hardbound copy. We got a whole bunch of amazing bonuses. There’s like five or six full full length training videos that come with us from like Prince EA, for example, got 3 billion views on, on on Facebook. You He made a whole video showing how he goes viral videos, which is insane. Like it’s so good like, Ross Yossi wrote the foreword for the book he, he would have we were very competitive me and him and we had to challenge him to sell the most books. He was selling four times more books than I was. And we could not for the life of me figure out what he was doing different. So I flew out to Arizona spent a day with him, we figured out was like this one stupid thing that completely missed, went back made the tweak. And same thing we have our book sells for x of where they were before. And he’s spoken for like you live as like shows the audience, the whole presentation, sharing it, and breaking it down and showing everybody that video is in there. And there’s a whole bunch of cool stuff you get for free with the other three books. So that’s kind of what it is. And I hope you guys love the book. Yeah, man. Awesome. Well, thank you for your time such an important topic and we love that you sharing all your expertise and good luck with the sales man, everybody grab your copy of traffic secrets, you know, it’s gonna be killer if it’s anything like the other two books, right. Awesome. Thanks, man. I appreciate it’s a lot of fun.

Adam G. Force 24:51

Take care, buddy.

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