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Exclusive interview with Art Barter

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As the CEO and cultural architect of Datron World Communications, Art Barter transformed the organization from a $10 million company to a $200 million company in just six years after taking ownership of the company and converting the leadership style to servant leadership.

He says servant leadership is powerful because it leverages influence rather than fear to accomplish a company’s goals. Art believes the word ‘servant’ implies action. And action is what is needed in leadership today–action that puts others first, not ourselves going beyond the effort of making money in order to make a greater impact in the lives and communities around us.

He believes when leaders shift their mindset and serve first, they unlock purpose and ingenuity in those around them. Resulting in higher performance with engaged, fulfilled employees and overall strong relationships and compassion for one another at every level in the workplace.

Today, Art helps others discover and benefit from the power of servant leadership through the Servant Leadership Institute.

Some of the questions and topics we discuss:

  1. Where did he start and how did he get where his is today? (from janitor to leading a $200m company)
  2. What is servant leadership?
  3. What is the power model?
  4. What was the big change he made and how did employees take it?
  5. How is his impact model structured and how does it motivate people? (They have given $16m to causes)
  6. What factors contributed to his success in scaling the company from $10m company to a $200m company?
  7. How do you balance serving people and making money?
  8. What does a good leader to manage people effectively and get them to do their best?
  9. How do you start creating a mission-focused culture from the start?

That just scratches the surface!

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