Change Creator Presents: The 15 Best Interviews for Impact Entrepreneurs 2018

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Welcome to our first annual top 15 podcast interviews list.

We’re really excited to close out the year reaching well over 100+ interviews with incredible entrepreneurs impacting the world, all in their own unique way.

The Change Creator Podcast highlights the new revolution of business and how people are truly changing the world with their unique expertise.  Discover inspiration, hope for building a better future, and the strategies to create your own legacy – to be a Change Creator.

We talk to a range of experts, not just social entrepreneurs or marketing gurus. We interview Nobel Peace Prize winners, award-winning social entrepreneurs, marketing experts, celebrities, and young activists on the front lines building a life that matters to the world. This diversity is important as each person has expertise that we can learn from to excel as an authentic and conscious leader.

While we are selecting the best of 2018, this is not a competition.

Our intention is to offer you a little guidance if you don’t have time to listen to every show and offer some deserved recognition. We believe that these select interviews a lot of important value and should not be overlooked. To determine who is on the top 15 we consider audience feedback and content value.

In addition to the interview, you’ll find related materials such as books, articles and magazines to explore deeper.

Without further ado…


The below list is no particular order.

1 – Jay Shetty: Understanding Storytelling and Creating Content That Drives True Impact 

Shetty is a smooth talker with a lot of wisdom to share. I really enjoyed this conversation and I know you will too. He’s an entrepreneur impacting the world on a global stage by leaning into his unique genius on Youtube – storytelling. From Monk to online influencer he has reached billions of views with his work and is continuing to grow.

Eager to understand storytelling and his process, we connected with Jay for this incredible discussion.  In this interview, you will learn what storytelling really is about, how he selects content, how he approaches it and even the equipment he uses.

Jay Shetty: What is Storytelling and What Makes a Good Story?
6 of the Best Inspirational Videos For Entrepreneurs from Jay Shetty
Cover Story – Change Creator Magazine issue 18

Listen to the interview:


2 – Muhammad Yunus (Nobel Peace Prize Winner): Solving Big Global Problems with Small Steps

No matter how many interviews I had under my belt, I was still nervous about this one. We met Yunus in San Francisco and were able to weasel our way into an interview for a great cover story with Change Creator Magazine. I plowed through his incredible book, A World of Three Zeroes, to prepare myself. Once we connected on the phone it was all smooth sailing and became one of my favorite interviews so far. He’s full of experience and passion which just become contagious. You will leave this interview ready to take on the world.

Interview with Muhammad Yunus: Taking Small Steps for Big Social Business Impact
31 Dr. Muhammad Yunus Quotes to Inspire You to Greatness!
A World of Three Zeros (Book highly recommended!)
Cover Story – Change Creator Magazine issue 13

Listen to the interview: 


3 – Seth Godin: What it Takes to be a Leader of Tomorrow

Timing is always important and over a year ago I reached out to Seth Godin and the timing was not right, I got shut down. Almost a year later I felt the time was right and tried again. He got back to me in about 5 minutes and when I asked when he was available for the interview, he replied saying, “How about in an hour.” Whoa! I didn’t want to say no but didn’t have much time to prepare for this one, haha.

Godin has always been an inspiration to us here at Change Creator. His unique way of thinking about business is one thing, but he’s also always ahead of the trend. The idea of storytelling is booming today as a key to marketing but he wrote that book in 2011. He’s great at using anecdotes and metaphors to help people clearly understand new things. So what does the leader of tomorrow look like? Find out in this compelling interview.

Seth Godin on Leadership for the 21st Century
Seth Godin Exclusive: Insights on Leadership that Matter Today and Tomorrow
This Is Marketing: You Can’t Be Seen Until You Learn to See (incredible book!)
Cover Story – Change Creator Magazine issue 16

Listen to the interview: 


4 – Guy Kawasaki: Pulling Back the Curtain on Startup Success

When I told Guy Kawasaki that I was hesitating to do more videos he simply said, “man up!” I had to laugh and agree with that. Guy is a straight shooter with a ton of experience and knowledge to share. He tells it like it us and offers really important truths about getting feedback, sharing ideas and what makes a startup tick.

We wanted to better understand the startup word from his perspective because he’s seen so many pitches and worked with many brands. You’ll enjoy his personality and get a lot of solid takeaways that should empower your own startup.

Guy Kawasaki: Secrets to Startup Success
Cover story: Issue 11 of Change Creator Magazine

Listen to the interview:


5 – Victoria Fine: Content Strategy For the Social Impact Space

Change Creator produces a hefty amount of content between the magazine app, website and the podcast. You can say we are content strategy nerds. We were introduced to Victoria who is the queen of impact content. Currently, she’s the founder of her own company, Finally. But historically she was the founding managing editor at Huffington Post Impact and Education. The director of a strategy at Slate and the first managing editor at Upworthy. This is such a great discussion as content is critical to any marketing strategy today, especially in the impact space. She’s also a contributing expert to our Captivate program on storytelling for marketing.

Understanding Content Strategy for the Social Impact Space: Victoria Fine

Listen to the interview:


6 – Mona Amodeo: How to Build a Brand That Matters Today

Personally, I have always been a geek about branding. What makes good branding, why, how does it work? Building a solid brand was instrumental to Richard Branson’s success. And, I know it’s a huge part of any impact business today too. That’s why I connected with Mona, this is her world and her expertise.

In this interview, we explore what it takes to build a brand that matters. These are insights you can take away and apply to your business. Good branding goes far beyond visual appeal. Hold on tight and listen closely to this one.

How to Build a Brand That Matters Today: Mona Amodeo, PhD.

Listen to the interview:


7 – Christal Earle: How This Creative Brave Sole is Changing Lives One Tire at a Time

When you hear a great story you become a marketer for that person because you tell it to others. That’s what happened here. Christal’s story is emotional in a big way. It pulls you in and offers many lessons for life and entrepreneurship. We liked it so much that even used it in our course, Captivate, and featured a story in Change Creator Magazine, issue 21.

Get ready to learn about courage and perseverance.

Explore Change Creator Magazine issue 21
Win a $200 gift card from her company Brave Soles (ends 12/12/18)

Listen to the interview:


8 – Art Barter: Transformational Leadership That Gets Big Results

Great leaders don’t tell people what to do they inspire people to do what needs to be done. Art took a $10M per year company and in a few years, time turned it into a $200M company. We had to know how he did that. His secret is all about leadership style.

Explore what servant leadership means and steps you can take to become a more effective leader that gets real results.

Explore Change Creator Magazine issue 20
The Servant Leadership Journal: An 18 Week Journey to Transform You and Your Organization (book recommendation)

Listen to the interview:


9 – Kathleen Kelly Janus: Secrets to Scaling Your Social Venture to over $2 Million

She interviewed over 200 social enterprises to learn why some reach $2M in revenue per year and other don’t. Kathleen is a social entrepreneur, author and lecturer at Stanford University’s Program on Social Entrepreneurship. This was something we wanted to learn more about!

She’s sharp and has a lot of great insights to share around this topic. Her book Social Startup Success is a must read for anyone in the impact space.

Feature article – Change Creator Magazine issue 13
Social Startup Success (book recommendation)

Listen to the interview:


10 – Rick Alexander: Everything You Need to Know About Becoming a Benefit Corporation

Sure, legal talk might seem boring but it’s a huge part of the business and something most of us ignore. As more people are starting to become a B-corp we thought it might be a good idea to learn how that impacts investing and other areas of the process.

So we connected with the head of legal policy at Blab, Rick Alexander. Who better to talk to and he shared a ton of important insights every Change Creator should be aware of, especially if you’re considering a B-corp status.

Feature article – Change Creator Magazine issue 19
Rick Alexander: Everything You Need to Know About Benefit Corporations and Legal Structures

Listen to the interview:


11 – Russell Brunson: How to Build a Loyal Audience and Self-Fund Your Startup

He kept showing up in my Facebook feed a while ago and finally I decided to listen to what he had to say. Long story short I got his books and they rocked. We had to talk to Brunson about marketing. In this interview, he talks about self-funding but also how he visits Kenya each year to help build schools. His company, Clickfunnels is crushing it now.

Russell Brunson: How to Build a Loyal Audience and Fund Yourself

Listen to the interview:


12 – Jake Orak: Tackling E-commerce Challenges Like a Champ

After our first magazine cover with Jake, we ran this second interview just about a year later to see what’s been going on with Ethnotek, and he faced some big challenges and successfully navigated them. Finally, our team met Jake at SOCAP 2018 in SanFrancisco. We had a blast!

In this interview, Jake shares some of his war stories which offer a ton of important advice.

How Jake Orak Built a Social Good Business to Preserve Indigenous Cultures
Cover Story – Change Creator Magazine issue 1

Listen to the interview:


13 – Sarah & Kevin: A Creative Marketing Strategy That Helped Raise $2.6M in Funding

We were introduced to Kevin and Sarah by someone in our network who thought they were doing great work. And they are! As founders of the Dyrt, they are dominating the campground “find and review” market. They used creative marketing strategies to build their base quickly and share great tips for landing the big investment.

Getting Back to Nature: The Dyrt Has an App for That and Just Raised $2.6M

Listen to the interview:


14 – Ryan Foland: How Mastering Communication Can Change Your Life

If you want your message to connect with people you have to learn how to communicate clearly. Sure we all talk and communicate but conveying an idea so someone understands in just a sentence or two is an art. That’s I spoke with Ryan, this is his speciality! He talks about steps you can take to be more powerful as a communicator and his process for doing so.

Communication Skills that Drive Your Business: Tips from Ryan Foland
Interview with Ryan Foland: How Mastering Communication Can Change Your Life

Listen to the interview:


15 – Emilio & Samantha: Turning a Passion for Minimalism into an Impact Business

This was a unique discussion with two people are not just downsizing how many things they own. They are helping people live a more extraordinary life and scaling that impact through online programs and books such as, A Recipe For An Extraordinary Life.

Turning a Passion for Minimalism into an Impact Business

Listen to the interview:

Final Words

Think about all the experience the 15 people above bring to the table. When you want to expedite your success you need to be open to learning from others. That’s what Change Creator Magazine and Podcast are both about.

Read, listen, learn, grow.

I hope this list is helpful, I know you’ll find the interviews empowering.

Now go forth and have impact in 2019!

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