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How 3 Different Women Are Impacting The World 3 Different Ways

Recently, I read an article about the Dalai Lama and why he believes women make great leaders and could lead to a less violent world. He has even gone on to state that his successor, the 15th in the holy line of his Tibetan monastery, could be female. Why is this? Well, according to science, females biologically tend to demonstrate more affection and compassion. At the same time, women can be tough and unstoppable! My sister is a PhD in psychology who spent several years in the Air Force and also trains dogs for special needs. My wife is...

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Risking the Absurd to Achieve the Impossible

It’s easy to ignore an animal that exists in a biome you can barely create in your imagination, which may be one of the reasons endangered species are receiving so little support from the public. People are emotional, empathic creatures. To care, they need connection—the kind that only real encounters can achieve, and where better to build them than online? Digital and wildlife ecosystems rarely intersect beyond what software and the internet can do for NGO administration and marketing. Gautam Shah is ready to revolutionize that by disrupting the way you engage with wildlife. Gone are the days when...

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How Catlin Powers Uses Solar Cooking to Combat Deforestation and Indoor Air Pollution

Facebook Twitter Google+ Buffer Dr. Catlin Powers, a social entrepreneur, is the co-founder and CEO of One Earth Designs, a social enterprise that produces solar cookers. up. The daughter of two teachers, she grew up in many places around the world: Peru, Mexico, China, South Africa, and California. Dr. Powers received her doctorate from Harvard University, holds two solar energy patents, and serves on the technical advisory committee to the International Standards Organization. A Harvard School of Public Health graduate, she went to the Himalayas as an undergraduate to study climate change. She found that due to smoke from...

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