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Chuck Slaughter: Issue #10 Change Creator Magazine

In issue 10 of Change Creator Magazine we share a powerful feature story and exclusive interview with award winning social entrepreneur and Founder of Living Goods. , Chuck Slaughter. In the interview we uncover how his model works and the strategies used to scale their impact.

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How Muhammad Yunus Changed The Economic System For The Better

Socioeconomic class mobility directly correlates with one’s ability to obtain and receive loans. Although poverty can be escaped through education, the systemic institutions in place in many countries greatly hinder social mobility; even those who may get outstanding educations sometimes lack the connections to capitalize on their educations.

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How to Hack Systems For Environmental Change

Let’s face it: tackling environmental issues can be daunting. Climate change, pollution, and unconscious consumption are problems which are convenient for the masses to ignore. They’re long-term challenges requiring long-sighted solutions, overwhelming many in our instant-gratification society.

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The New Face of Social Change: Scalability

We are no longer in the era of slow, bureaucratic aid programs. Dropping bags of cornmeal by airplane to areas that have never seen the stuff before is no longer a practice that the world’s important funders, foundations, and social enterprises support.

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